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South Beach Smoke is among the top selling, top rated brands of e cigarettes in the country. Its electronic cigarettes are easy to use, safer for personal health, and better for the environment than regular cigarettes. With their disposables, they are even more convenient.

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South Beach Smoke DisposablesNothing to Assemble

Your disposable cigarette comes ready to use unlike the ordinary electronic cig sold by SBS because it is meant to be thrown away. You will never refill the cartridge or recharge the battery. In spite of its simplicity, a single electronic cigarette is the equivalent of roughly 1 ½ packets of traditional cigs in nicotine.

Just like their other cigarettes, South Beach Smoke disposables have a silicone, leak-proof tip with one hole. This means you get the most out of each draw. At the end of the cig is an LED light which glows when you draw. Although there are no burning embers, it looks like there are.

Great for First-Time E-Smokers

If you have never smoked an e cigarette before but want to experiment, a disposable is the cheapest and most sensible choice for a one shot deal to try it out. Without having to do anything (assemble the cigarette, put in a cartridge, or recharge the battery) you get the experience of vaping. Find out how clean it smells and tastes when compared to puffing on toxic cigarettes. This option is cheap, portable, convenient, and you can smoke almost anywhere.

The Ban

Government regulations have made it impossible for anyone to legally smoke ordinary cigs in public places. You can smoke in your car or at home unless the people you share a car and home with object, and they probably will.

With SBS disposables, you are not creating the same dangers to would-be second-hand smokers. They might inhale the vapor cloud you emit, but the odor is inoffensive. In fact, lots of non-smokers like it. Moreover, there is no toxic cloud or stench hanging around where you just finished smoking. Smoke in places which have been off-limits to you in your previous life as a smoker of regular cigs.

Disposable Options

Buy your disposables in a 4, 8, or 12-pack.

Also, select from one of two popular flavors: menthol or tobacco at their website: