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For anyone looking for a regular tobacco flavored e-cigarette to try out, the V2 Cigs disposable is the best we’ve tested.

For one, we love V2 Red flavor, which is their most popular e-liquid flavor. Additionally, these last longer than most disposable electronic cigarettes.

It’s a great way to try out V2 Cigs, and they have the option of a variety pack so you can try another one (see image below).

These are available at the official website: http://v2cigs.com

Full Review

You probably know of V2 e cigs if you have been smoking electronically for some time. If not, then the question of how to try e-smoking without spending a lot of money on equipment has probably occurred to you.

This is one reason why V2 disposables are such a convenient creation. V2 writes that their disposable e cigs have come a long way since they were first developed. Enjoy improvements which will make you want to stick with e-smoking and probably with the V2 brand of electronic cigarettes.

V2 Cigs Disposable SamplerElectronic Smoking

One reason why individuals switch from traditional smokes to e cigarettes is that they are taking in water vapor, not smoke. A cigarette burns, and when things burn they smell bad. Smoke is created and people inhale this into their lungs. It burns their eyes and coats their clothes.

Anyone nearby when someone is smoking or even in the vicinity of a person who recently smoked will tell you: unless you are a smoker, your lungs feel like they have been assaulted.

Pictured here is a disposable sampler available at v2cigs.com that comes with a couple Zig Zag Disposables

Electronic cigarettes heat liquid nicotine using an atomizer. This liquid is not burned, so the acrid smell and flavor are absent. Vapor is created, not ash. The only problem with e cigs for some people is how much work is involved in owning and operating them.

Working for a Smoke

If you own a re-usable, re-chargeable cigarette, you have to take out the battery and put in your spare. The cartridge has to be replaced or re-filled periodically. This can seem like a colossal hassle to smokers of traditional cigs.

Disposables take away the work of re-usable cigarettes. At the very least, decide if you like the V2 style of cig and its flavor before you purchase a V2 starter kit.

A Traditional Experience from Modern Cigs

Flavors for disposables are not the exotic choices V2 cigs offer smokers of re-usable cigs, but they are the most popular: menthol and Red. These mimic ordinary cigarettes at a 1.8% nicotine rating.

The tip is also soft like an ordinary cigarette. If you want a genuine smoking experience, this makes a difference, especially when you first start with electronic cigarettes.

A Non-Traditional Price

One of the most significant differences you will notice as an e-smoker is price: roughly $30 for a five-pack of e cigs. If you think that sounds like a lot of money, notice that each cigarette gives you 400 puffs: about 2 packets of cigarettes. That is 10 packs for about $30.

Visit: http://v2cigs.com to see their selection and purchase straight from the company!

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