Zig Zag Disposables | Disposable E Cigarettes

Are you just being introduced to a new idea? Do you want an alternative to smoking ordinary cigarettes? Have you learned recently that you can smoke electronic cigarettes instead and save yourself money and all the other issues with tobacco cigs like that bad smell and dirty ashtrays? Now is a good time to get to know Zig Zag disposables.

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Zig Zag e cigsZig Zag Electronic Cigarettes

Usually, an electronic cigarette is a two-part item. The bottom is a battery. You screw this on to the mouthpiece which also contains a flavor cartridge and atomizer to heat liquid into vapor, not smoke.

A disposable Zig Zag cigarette looks the same in every way, but without you having to put parts together as you would with their reusable units. Just pick up the cig and start smoking.

How Many Puffs?

Every 200 puffs is roughly equivalent to 1 pack of traditional smokes in nicotine. Buy Zig Zag e smokes with 200 puffs or 400 puffs each in five or ten-piece packs. The 200-puff five-pack costs roughly $30, making it an inexpensive way to start smoking electronic cigs.

Introduction to E-Smoking

Many new e-smokers buy disposables to learn more about vaping rather than buying a starter kit. They want to figure out if smoking will feel at least as good as, if not better than, before; if they could save money and enjoy puffing in more places.

Money, Money, Money

One big surprise is just how much you save by choosing a five-pack of Zig Zag disposables in menthol or tobacco. Consumers get roughly the same as 5 packs of cigarettes for much less than they would have paid for 5 packs of smokes.

Meanwhile, they leave no ash behind, can smoke where they like, and are able to travel without worrying about recharging batteries or replacing empty nicotine cartridges. Select your nicotine strength too: 1.8% or 2.4%.

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