V2 Cigs Cartridges

Our pick as the top brand in the industry, V2 leads the way with a variety of cartridges to choose from, giving vaping aficionados of all levels a wide variety of selections to fulfill their vapor smoking experience.

V2 Cartridge Flavors

The big sellers include Red, Congress, and Sahara.  Those are their three tobacco flavor cartridges.  After that, menthol is a popular choice with so many customers demanding a vapor alternative to menthol cigarettes.

Exotic flavors include seasonal, limited edition flavors like Cinnamon, Mint Tea, and Peppermint. They also have a cola flavor which we enjoy as a very unique alternative to traditional flavors.

The constant offers they sell on V2Cigs.com include:  grape, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, and cherry. V2 Cigs is our top pick for battery, cartridges, and accessories, and you’ll never go wrong with using a V2 product.

Their website: http://v2cigs.com

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