Some people have to do everything themselves. Whether it’s building a dog house or a new engine for their car, they want to be responsible for everything that goes right, even though the result might not be as good as they hoped. Not everyone is cut out for DIY. That same rule also applies to vapers.

E Cig DIY: The Choices

What is there about electronic cigarettes that might appeal to a DIY enthusiast? There are two main areas of interest: rebuildable devices and e-liquid. That second category changes things, opening a whole new world up to individuals who would never consider putting hammer to nail.

Building your own e-liquid could be much like creating dinner from a recipe and raw ingredients instead of buying the dish ready made from the freezer section at your grocery store. Even if you are not handy with technical or mechanical things, someone with knowledge of cooking or mixing cocktails could really get her hands wet (metaphorically speaking).

E-Liquid DIY

It’s not easy to create great flavors of e-liquid that are tasty, produce thick vapor, and give the desired throat hit. A blend might smell good and have one of these properties, but not all three. Making e-liquid and doing it well takes time, patience, practice, and good ingredients, but this practice has turned a hobby into a lucrative business more than once.

Where will one find the resources to become an e-liquid mixologist?

Numerous companies selling electronic cigarettes also carry kits to help vapers get started. They contain beakers and jugs, pipettes and bottles. Some provide tools but not ingredients. Others do it the other way around, selling nothing in the way of measuring and pouring tools but carrying all the liquids a person could want. They include concentrated flavorings, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine solutions.

Wholesale companies carry propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin by the liter and the gallon; some firms carry these items in 120ml bottles. It all depends on the company’s scope; their intended audience. Selling to wholesale customers intending to blend nicotine juice for commercial purposes is different from pleasing individuals with a mind to mix stuff in the kitchen.

E-Cig DIY: Getting Technical

Handy people like to take things apart just to see how they work. Imagine if you could do that with an electronic cigarette and put it back together again. You can.

Although numerous inexpensive wholesale tanks and all disposable electronic cigarettes are fused to prevent people from meddling with the items inside, many items were built to be taken apart. These are expensive because fastening cheap parts together costs less money than making parts that can withstand being screwed and unscrewed.

Tanks have to come to pieces if one is going to clean them properly and not simply throw them out after a week. A part of the process is often replacing the wick which becomes dry or nasty after a while.

Sometimes the caps are of good quality and remain in excellent shape, but the tube breaks after using corrosive e-liquid. It can be changed for a fresh one. Coils can be swapped over and atomizer heads replaced. There are plenty of ways to have fun with electronic cigarettes and still use them afterwards.

Resources for exercising this curiosity can be found in written manuals, by visiting a shop and getting some pointers, or by watching videos, usually on YouTube but also posted by retailers. Vendors also post instructional articles.

Take E Cig DIY further with a Mod

The first thing you might do to feel like you have some control over your vaping sessions is to buy blank cartridges or tanks and refill them, instead of using pre-filled cartomizers all the time. That’ll hold you for a little while until you wonder how the device heats your liquid or you get the feeling your liquid is tainted and the tank needs a clean.

Once you have taken an e cig apart to see how it works, you might start to feel as though it would be great if you could use this experience to control vapor more closely. Couldn’t you change the resistance which affects vapor production? Is there a way to alter air flow or voltage?

Actually, those are doable exercises if you buy the right models of electronic cigarettes. You can picture the handy consumer now: a mini cig between his lips, pulling a modifiable e cig apart to rebuild the atomizer or adjust the pin so he can change the size of battery housed inside it.

Cons to Being Handy

There are a few downsides to this hobby. First of all, it can get messy. Making and filling e-liquid leads to spillages. Getting the blend wrong might also leave a bad taste in your mouth, literally.

Handy people tend to spend money on their hobbies. It becomes a pastime, not just a way to get the most out of e cigs and liquid. What started out as a way to be healthier and save money (cigarettes are much more expensive) turns into a pricey adventure, which is fine if it keeps a person away from drugs and gambling, but it can be intoxicating in its own way.

Messing up the DIY could also be dangerous. Lithium Ion batteries placed into devices that have been meddled with could cause big problems. Yet, it would be hard to really cause problems because of the built-in battery protection which is part of the electronic APV experience (not so with mechanical mods).