Nimbus Atomizer

When an electronic cigarette product is being cloned by Chinese mass manufacturing companies, you know there has to be something good about it. The Nimbus rebuildable atomizer has been copied by many companies, including EHPro, but it is the original you want.

Get to Know the Nimbus

This is the first Filipino atomizer to be made with a splash guard; a response to a common problem experienced by users of this style of atomizers. It is called “Spit Back Protection” against the side effects of flooding. Something called a Flavor Booster supposedly concentrates flavors, though how it’s done is unclear.

There is reduced risk of flooding in spite of the splash guard measure. A Nimbus juice well has excellent capacity, but also keeps juice below the wick when there is too much.

Safety from a Double Insulator

There are two insulators: one at the top, one at the bottom. The top one fills up and enlarges to warn you that you are misusing the atomizer. It has high heat resistance, however, thanks to the PA66 insulator at the bottom. It is still possible to overheat the atomizer, but you are protected somewhat.

Durable Construction

This sturdy device features three poles that can be used for dual coil or quad coil configuration. The design of its poles also makes it much easier to rebuild coils than is often the case with other rebuildable atomizers. JPGE, makers of the Nimbus, designed this carefully for use with low ohms (to as low as 0.2ohms) so the juice can become really warm.

The Nimbus is threaded for compatibility with 510 devices and made from 304 premium stainless steel. Expect it to outlast many other cheaper atties that come and go from your collection. With its high price in mind, ask a rebuilding expert to show you how to wrap your coils safely.

Buy the Nimbus by JPGE

For individuals insistent on owning the real thing, if the make does not say JPGE it is not the authentic Nimbus. A real item should be beautifully engraved with a serial number on the bottom.

Secondly, if you want to buy an authentic Nimbus, be prepared for two things. One is a high price tag for the atomizer without anything else: no tank, battery, or mod. It could cost around $70 for the V4, but as little as $65. Do your research, but even if you find a lower price, the device might be sold out. That happens when you shop for Filipino mods. They are spoken for as pre-orders before items are released for sale.

When it is Out of Stock

If you are keen to stick with authentic pieces, remember that online stores run out of stock even when real stores still hold onto some items for customers coming through the door. So, if the vape store in your closest major city carries this device, they might not show it on the website. Drive out of your way and pick it up.

The other option is to swallow your pride and buy a much cheaper clone. These are priced around $30 or less.