Rebuildable Parts

Having vaped from several pens and taken a close look at their insides, you might be wondering how those insides work. Many brands of e-cigs, even variable voltage and eGo pens, are made for the vaper who has no interest in rebuilding anything. You do not have to if you do not want to.

For the curious individual, however, it is worth knowing that many tanks and atomizers are made to be disassembled. You are supposed to rebuild them. Most of the time the price goes up because these devices are made to last longer than disposable counterparts and are also adjustable for your convenience.

Where to Learn about Rebuilding E Cigs

To find out how you take a tank or atomizer apart, just head to the internet. Youtube and several vendors’ websites contain videos showing how experts work their magic. Reading about a task is not enough for visual learners, however; you need to see what your hands will be doing plus all of the parts and tools required.

A number of vendors post a heading called “Vaping 101” or something similar. Look under this heading for articles, discussions, and videos.

Where to Buy Rebuildable E Cigs

There are two places to buy these devices: from general retailers (online or in a store) and from the brand source if you can. Their prices range hugely. Some rebuildable e cig parts fit mechanical mods, some are for electronic mods, and some are made for affordable devices. Compare a few sites before making a purchase, remembering to factor in the price of shipping and the available warranty/guarantee.

What are Rebuildable E Cig Parts?

The two items you are likely to rebuild are atomizers and tanks. An Aqua RBA Clone by Tobeco (atomizer) costing $42.95 is at least 5 times the price of your usual atomizer, but this tag isn’t so bad. Many RBAs are priced $60 to $100.

The Aqua holds dual coils, features adjustable air flow, and comes with a hybrid pin (a commonly replaceable feature). O-rings are supplied for you to add in when the old one wears out.

A Prometheus Dual Genesis Clone RBA is similar with a 510 brass connector, silica wick, mesh, coil, and a screw driver. They want you to be ready. Change out the wick and coil for fresh stuff every so often, maybe when the vapor or flavor is a bit off.

Try a Firefly Mini RDA Dripping Atomizer for $8.95: that’s a big difference from the Aqua. It’s ready to use with precoiled wick, but you can also take that out and start again. To change the wick requires lifting some screws, uncoiling, getting some new wick, and wrapping it with coil. This is fastened to the screws which also help to secure it.

Rebuildable tanks like the Aspire Nautilus feature adjustable airflow and a dual coil, but you can change the coil once again. Rings can be adjusted to one of 4 settings.

Why Rebuildable?

If e cig companies make ready-to-use products, why would you want to fuss with rebuildables at all? The first reason is that the user can prepare his device to produce the best possible vapor and flavor.

Adjustments affect resistance so that you get more or less vapor or throat hit. Flavor is also affected when wicks become too dirty or gummy. Rather than throwing out the whole thing, you can refresh the tank and atomizer.

That points to the second reason to rebuild: waste reduction. Cheap, disposable tanks and atomizers work to a certain point and then they die. This is true of everything, but that life span could be longer if you are prepared to buy coils, wick, and rings and do some work yourself.