Best Advanced Personal Vaporizers

For anyone looking to take their vaping to the next level with the best advanced personal vaporizer (APV) possible, we have a company we recommend, and we feel they take the cake by a landslide, or maybe more like an avalanche.

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The Rebel II

This is a powerful tube mod with all the options needed to fine tune your vaping, with power when desired.

Vapor Fi Rebel II


  • Telescopic Mod
  • Adjustable wattage from 3-15 watts
  • Adjustable voltage from 3-6 volts
  • Runs on high capacity 18350 or 18360 batteries
  •  juice flow control atomizer head
  • Dual coil atomizer
  • 4 ml tank
  • 2.8ohm resistance


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If you are on the market for a pen vaporizer, they have you covered with many options.

Vaporfi pro colors

And E-Liquid

One of the standout aspects of Vaporfi is their line of e juices, and they have an awesome line of APVs, from the most advanced type that essentially has its own computer, to some of the nicest tank systems we’ve seen. And they have a couple options for those of you who are looking for eGo style batteries, and they are unique!

You can even customize your own e-juice blend:

Vaporfi custom juice



Tube Mod – The Rocket

If you are looking for a powerful tube mod, look no further than the Rocket:

VaporFi Rockets


  • 1600 mAh Variable battery
  • Tank with airflow control
  • Extra atomizers


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Plus a Box Style Vaporizer (Sub Ohm Capable)

Check out VaporFi’s new VOX 50 mod, if you want something serious.

VOX Starter Kit

This is a powerful 50 watt device with plenty of features to tweak your vape exactly as you like, and they have a beautiful RDA to go with it.


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Looking To Vape Dry Herb?

Vapor Fi just released their own herb vaporizer also, which is a really sharp looking device!

It’s called The Orbit, and is a powerful, and very reasonably priced device for vaping loose leaf products.

Vaporfi Orbit





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Advanced Personal Vaporizers: Types And Features

At the simplest level, an e cig is an e liquid vessel containing an atomizer coil powered by a battery. Sleeves, cones, and wraps are available to change the appearance of a simple e cig but they do not affect the mechanics or performance at all.

Unless you buy an automatic mini cig, there is just one button and it is purely a firing button. Even a variable voltage battery like the Vision Spinner or eGo Twist uses just a simple knurled rotating knob at its base to offer power regulation: it’s nothing fancy and anyone can learn to use a system like that quickly.

Attached cartomizers or clearomizers tend to be of the inexpensive kind, usually made from plastic or PC, and the atomizer head might or might not be removable. A low-tech system does not justify the use of a high-tech tank or gourmet juice.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers

Then the APV comes along and changes your outlook on vapor and vaping. With a removable battery and internal control chip, this is the future of e cigs, one that has seen many transformation and incarnations since it was introduced.

APVs are not restricted to the traditional tube shape: many are boxes, tube-box hybrids, and bear artistically original outer markings. They are made from metal of various kinds (stainless steel, billet aluminum, copper, and other alloys) and also wood.

Rebel ii displayMany use a screen to indicate power levels to the user while others employ various colored lights or rhythms of flashing light. You will find that this category of mods gives way to many sub-categories and is a highly interesting subject for the electronically minded vaper.

Tanks and high-end clearomizers were designed for use with Advanced Personal Vaporizers. Glass and stainless steel elements come apart for cleaning or changing. The atomizer head can be replaced while airflow control provides further opportunities to regulate the vaping experience.

Regulated and Unregulated

Regulated mods contain built-in control chips, but there is another category of APV which only experienced vapers should use: the mechanical mod. This device is completely unregulated. The battery and atomizer work together directly without interference from technology which would prevent a short circuit, overheating, low voltage, and other things which endanger a mod.

Vapers control airflow through a valve in the tank, choose a vented mod case to control heat, choose protected (IMR) batteries for safety, and select proven products from reliable vendors.

A regulated mod allows the user to press buttons or turn dials in order to change voltage and/or wattage. Usually, a display screen shows the result of these changes and reports ohms, battery power, plus possibly puff count.

APV Brands

Sigelei, ELeaf, Pioneer4You, SMOK, Innokin, and JoyeTech are notable manufacturers of regulated APVs. SMOK and Innokin also make affordable mechanical mods. VaporFi has built a reputation for their regulated devices as well.

Those readers interested in mechanical mods will find there are many $150 to $300 originals made in limited batches by hand which are potentially satisfying but also collectible. Cheaper versions by HCigar, Infinite, and others typically look much like the devices that inspired them and often operate to equally high standards.

The eVic Supreme by JoyeTech

JoyeTech EVic Supreme

Joye gave us the eGo, a simple e cig with one control button, but they also developed a futuristic product known as the eVic. Their latest version, the eVic Supreme, boasts updated firmware and a sharper OLED screen where you can even download photos from your personal collection. Adjust up to 30 watts or 6 volts and use a sub-ohm atomizer. An eVic’s firmware can be downloaded onto your PC to show your vaping record: puff count, power choices, and more. Temperature protection is built into this tubular mod.

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0

innokin itaste mvp 3.0

The rectangular 30W MVP will accept atomizers down to 0.4 ohms, can be used while charging, and operates as a power bank when your cell phone is running low. As the built-in 3800-mAh battery starts running low, LED lights tell the story while your screen displays puff count and other values. Green, yellow, and red lights indicate full, half, or low power respectively.

Innokin SVD

iTaste SVD

With a 5W to 20W power range, the SVD tube mod with an Evolv chip gets hot enough for most individuals. Reverse polarity, overheating, or a short circuit will be detected by the chip, causing the SVD to turn off in self-defense. Select any atomizer built for between 0.5 and 3 ohms.

SMOK Groove II

Imagine a rectangular box like the MVP which has been squeezed in the middle: that’s the Groove. Version two offers up to 6 volts and 15 watts with a built-in 3800-mAh battery. Although you charge it using a USB port on the case, this is not a pass-through device. But it looks great on your desk while you wait for the battery to finish charging. Select silver, blue, or gold from the maker of another popular APV: the fully mechanical telescopic Magneto.