Joye eGo Twist

The Joye eGo Twist looks pretty close to a typical eGo battery, but has a variable voltage feature. This can take things to a whole new level with your vaping, with refining your vapor quality using an advanced vaporizer.

It has a small dial down the bottom that allows you to adjust the voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 volts, and that is a BIG difference! More than one of our review team started coughing with the Twist turned up to 8 volts when taking a regular pull, so if you like a good hit of vape, with the option to turn it way down, this may be the e-cig mod for you.

It is interchangeable with 510 and eGo threads also, so you can just get the battery and use your 510 or eGo cartomizers, tanks or atomizers.

Halo also makes a Triton variable voltage battery, which is essentially the same thing, though they only have a 900 mAh battery, where with the Twist, you can also get a 650 or on up.

JoyeTech EGo Twist Batteries Upgraded

JoyeTech’s eGo series started a trend which has seen many copy-cats. If mimicry is the purest form of flattery, Joye’s innovation and design must be highly thought of in the industry. There is plenty of copying going around, but customers should be sure they buy the real article.

There are features of a JoyeTech eGo battery that make it safer than low-cost copies. A better battery is also more efficient so, even if you pay more to start with, the result is usually more cost-effective in the long run. That goes for every member of the Joye eGo family including their JoyeTech eGo Twist.

JoyeTech EGo Twist batteriesJoyeTech eGo-C Twist

These days, it’s the eGo-C Twist: you will almost always see that little addition which tells you the battery you are about to see and probably buy is an upgrade. “C” in an “eGo-C” stands for clearomizer, but there’s more to the change than an upgrade from cartomizers to clearos with replaceable coils.

Joye added safety features to the original battery as tiny chipsets became available for use with e cig cells. Microchips protect the battery, atomizer, and vaper from harm which could befall any unwary or unlucky user.

Common Problems with eGo Batteries

These are not the little mini cig cells that only reach 300 mAh at most. With a 650-mAh or 1000-mAh battery (eGo-C XL), when something goes wrong it creates a hot mess. The eGo-C contains protection against overcharge, low voltage, discharge, and short circuit.

A lockable switch prevents anyone from accidentally turning on the battery by picking it up the wrong way and depressing the switch unintentionally. This safety feature is also in place to protect children from burning themselves and to prevent battery drain caused by accidental discharge.

ego twist adjustment illustrationTwist to Adjust

An eGo battery is not a regulated battery: voltage dwindles from the time it is fully charged until it needs to be recharged. To combat this problem, the Twist was born. Turn a knob at its base with ridges for grip.

This will take you through a range of 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts as noted on the battery. There is no screen, so test the battery periodically to ensure voltage markings and output are the same. Even though it’s an upgrade from regular mini cig and eGo batteries, new vapers will find this device easy to use.

Three Sizes

The eGo series comes in 3 sizes: 650 mAh, 900 mAh, and 1000 mAh. A small battery measures 98 mm, the next one measures 111 mm, and the last one is 121 mm long.

Prices range from about $15 to over $20 depending on the vendor, size of battery, and whether it is part of a bundle or sold individually. Starter kits with eGo batteries are great for new vapers because they contain the essential equipment for vaping: a charger, compatible clearomizer, and a user-friendly battery.

Joye offers 4 colors: black, silver, white, or pink, but skins for eGo batteries allow users to personalize in assorted ways with skulls, flowers, hearts, and more.

Clearomizer Companion

The eGo-C Twist and all eGo batteries are compatible with any eGo-threaded clearomizer on the market. Those include accessories by Kanger, Vision, and Innokin. An iClear of any size will fit. Try a CE4 or CE5. You could attach a Kanger T3 like the T3-MT. Try a Vivi Noval or the E-Smart; a Protank or a Vision eGo Clearomizer. Your system could be extremely colorful.