Vivi Nova Tank Review

If a product is called Vivi but not Vivi Nova, it is a knock off of the latter — something very common in this industry. Generic products look like the real thing but are cheaper. A generic tank might work the same or not, but a Vivi Nova is the real thing. This is one of the most popular tanks for intermediate and advanced electronic cigarette vapers.

A Vivi Nova Tank Review: Popularity Contest

The Vivi Nova gains its popularity for a few reasons. One is its durability. Being made of sturdy plastic, customers can drop their tanks or they roll off of a table and sustain no damage. If you stamp on the tank, it will break, but falling is not going to kill it (at least not from a table; a tall building is another story).

It comes in three levels of resistance from 1.8ohms to 2.8ohms and features an interchangeable atomizer. This is a rebuildable tank, something vapers love to see, and it is affordable: between $10 and $14, typically. There you have it: at least three reasons to use a Vivi Nova.

Rebuildable Unit

Two plastic screws hold frame and tube together. Your Vivi Nova holds up to 3.5mls.  The coil heads can also be replaced on a Vivi Nova, but some other brands can be used if you cannot get hold of Vivi Nova coils or they are out of stock at your usual vape store. Check for compatibility.

For readers wondering why anyone would want to take a tank apart: this is to replace worn out pieces and to clean the tank. Otherwise, it would be disposable or simply not last very long. Dirty tanks retain the aroma and flavor of previous juices.

Vivi Nova tanks cannot be used with all juices because plastic does not always suit spicy or citrus juices. Since you have to buy from an e cig supplier anyway, ask what he suggests.