Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs starter kits are widely available in retail locations — one reason they are popular and favored by vapers. Buying them is easy. Go to your state or province (Blu Cigs are sold in eastern provinces of Canada) on the Blu Cigs map and look up your closest city.

There you will see where to buy Blu Cigs products. In Philadelphia PA, for example, there are 100 locations such as salons, delis, and supermarkets. Blu Cigs also sells starter kits and other products online.

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More Reasons to Like Them

Another reason to like Blue cigs is that their starter kits all come with Johnson Creek E Liquid. This is high-quality, made-in-America stuff. All Blu Cigs juices are created specifically for them; they cannot be purchased anywhere else. Blu Cigs juices only contain vegetable glycerin and a handful of named ingredients besides.

Blu Cigs Starter Kits

Customers have just three choices of starter kits, all of them priced pretty high. There is a good reason for the extra-cost: a portable charging case. It comes as standard with Blu Cigs kits, which is why their standard package is $69.95 online. You also get a USB cable, car charger, and 5 cartridges of e juice with up to 16mg of nicotine. Most customers who review e cig products get excited over the addition of a PCC.

Blu Cig Starter Kit

The second kit, a Premium, is $10 more with a social feature on the front. When someone using Blu Cigs is within 50 feet of you, the blue ray on top of your Blu Cigs logo will glow. The slim charging pack features two sets of lights, one red and one blue, to show how much power your battery has and the power left in your pack. You do not have to screw batteries in to get them charging.

A Premium 100 Starter Kit contains Premium 100 batteries and cartridges. That, plus an extra $10, is the only difference between this one and a regular Premium kit. You still get 2 batteries, 5 cartridges, and the portable carry case.


Some customers say that using disposables is how they get started vaping. Blu Cigs is one of the companies selling disposables, but not individually — at least not online. You have to purchase 4 at a time for $39.95. Unless they are amazing e cigs lasting a full day or 2, I would call this expensive. You can easily find disposable vaping pens of high quality, producing lots of vapor and good flavor, for between $6 and $9, and you only have to buy one at a time.

This is BC’s cheapest way to buy products unfortunately. It’s a good thing reviews are so good: otherwise Blu Cigs could be struggling in this market because of their pricing.