Bull Smoke

For better or worse, Bull Smoke adopts a rugged image. The company wants to rescue tough men from the lethal chemicals or ordinary cigarettes without depriving them of their personae as “real men.” Advertising for their starter kits suggests as much.

Bull Smoke Ranch Hand Starter KitRanch Hand

Conjure a picture of a ranch hand in your mind. He wears the right hat, cowboy boots, a plaid shirt, and dust. His body is corded with muscle and his skin is ruddy from the sun. Now picture him with a shiny, skinny blue e cigarette in his hand, or maybe a purple one. Does this look incongruous to you?

That is the idea Bull Smoke seems to suggest with their Ranch Hand starter kit. The battery is what makes the difference between cigarette sizes.

An ordinary battery, called a Stubby, is still powerful and as wide and long as a king-sized compared to traditional smokes. The Standard is a regular battery, bringing the cig to full length.

Opt for Kentucky and your cig stands out as the longest of its kind with one of the mightiest, most powerful batteries around: mighty, just like the man who powers his e cig with it.

His cigarette comes in colors which look like rollups; orange, white, and/or yellow. If he wanted to hide his new habit from his cronies, all it takes is to wield one of these and see if anyone notices the difference.

Bull Smoke City Slicker KitCity Slicker

So what if you work in the city: you are still a man underneath the fashionable work clothing and shiny shoes. Bull Smoke appeals to the cowboy underneath that urban finery.

But, cigarettes are unlawful accessories in the city, so while this e-cigarette might still boast a Kentucky battery, the black casing and colored cartridge (top part) indicates this is not the real thing. Color relates to flavor, and a City Slicker might not prefer tobacco when he can enjoy chocolate (dark green) or grape (purple). He gets one of each of ten varieties.


Other than looks and flavors the kits are identical. You get a Stubby and a Kentucky battery, ten atomized cartridges, and the technical gear (adaptor and charger) to make your items work. They deliver excellent starter kits, and unbeatable prices.

Check out their website: http://bullsmoke.com