Cheapest Kit

Starting off into e-cigarettes with a starter kit will be the cheapest way to get going and save the most money.

There are a lot of different offers out there on the starter kit market.  Bull Smoke has the best bang for your buck, giving you a high quality kit with all the essentials (and two batteries) for just $29.

You can buy their kit on their website:

Here’s what you get inside a Bull Smoke kit for $29:

Bull Smoke City Slicker Kit

How do they do this?  

It may sound crazy, but they have taken the stance of just getting products out there and in people’s hands.  This strategy has obviously worked, as they remain one of the best brands out there, with a very loyal customer base and serious following.

Perhaps it’s the easy entry point, the high quality product, or the in-your-face branding of the brahma bull that clicks with consumers, but you can’t argue with their brand being top notch and well respected.

That’s your best option to jump in and get among the best quality starter kits at a great price.

If you want to get our overall recommendation, which is V2 Cigs, you can go as high as the Ultimate Starter kit, which has everything you need, and then some, to be a seasoned vapor cigarette smoker.

You can buy the kit from their website:

Here’s what comes with a V2 Ultimate kit:

V2 Ultimate Starter Kit

Is it a cheap electronic cigarette kit?

No, it’s not.  BUT, since we have a great resource for coupon codes here at Smokeless Butt Insiders, you can save insane money on this kit and really get it down to a great price.

Check out our V2 coupons here and save some money on your purchase!

Other kits that are in the affordable category include the entry level kits from South Beach Smoke, Vapor Zone, and Halo Cigs.  We can’t say a bad thing about any of those brands, and we’ve personally used all of them at length and give them our full endorsement.

Don’t fall for “free trial” electronic cigarettes as those defy cheap.  Cheap in the meaning that they are made of very low quality components and you will regret giving them your credit card, which they will bill ruthlessly each month while they send you garbage quality cartridge refills.

You heard it here first.  We’ve always got your back and try to save you money.