Cigavette produces starter kits and sets. Each one is a convenient package of necessary items for the devoted electronic smoker of regular tobacco or menthol, not cherry or chocolate. Consider them your launch pad to the Cigavette brand.

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A Cigavette Starter Kit

Cigavette Premiere Starter Kit

There are 6 starter kits from Cigavette, each one essentially the same. For $24.95, you get pieces worth $75 when purchased individually. These are two pre-filled cartridges, a 4.2-volt battery (rechargeable) which creates a simulated LED flame when you puff on it, and an INTELLA USB charger.

Cartridges are what set each of the “Premier” sets apart. All but one of them contains tobacco-flavored juice, mild or regular. The difference between them is strength. Purchase zero, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, or 24mg. Select your strength when purchasing a menthol kit.

For each starter kit there is a choice of battery and LED light color. Buy white or black with a red light, white or stainless steel with an orange light, or black with a blue “flame.” Each kit comes in a black box resembling an ordinary cigarette packet.

Cigavette VIP Go Mega SetCigavette Sets

Moving into the next price bracket, consumers choose between four Premier and VIP sets of electronic cigarettes. Prices begin at $49.95, going up from there, but each would be valued at a higher price if individual items were sold separately.

Included in every kit are two batteries, a wall charger, and more. Higher-priced sets come with more powerful batteries.

The VIP Go “Mega” Set, costing $99.95, contains two high-powered eGo-style batteries (1300mAh). You receive 10 pre-filled cartridges in your choice of mild, regular tobacco, or menthol.

Cartridges and batteries come in black satin or stainless steel, and the LED flame is either orange or blue. We noticed these cartridges are much bigger than average, probably the biggest carts we’ve seen. Also included is a cartridge cover and velvet carry case for cartridges and/or batteries.

Cigavette Carrying CasesExtras

If you want something else to go with your starter kit or you plan to expand on a VIP/Premier set, Cigavette sells commonly desired accessories. The INTELLA USB charger can be purchased separately if you lose yours. This device charges faster and works with PC or Mac. Purchase an adaptor to make use of car power when you want to smoke.

The Ultimate Carry Case is so named because it has room to carry Ultimate Series items such as batteries and cartridges. The lid and base both provide room for storing a USB and wall adaptor and two batteries or as many as five cartridges. It comes in black, the ultimate in cool, and costs $19.95.