E-cigarette starter kits offer a cost-effective way to start e-smoking. Apart from the couples’ pack which simply duplicates everything you need from an e-smoking package, there are three EverSmoke starter kits to consider. You can buy a basic, pro, or ultimate package.

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Eversmoke Starter KitThe Basic

With the Basic Starter Kit, you get the usual items: a wall charger, USB charger, five nicotine cartridges, and two batteries. One battery offers standard power. The other is an extra-capacity battery. Of course, no kit would be complete without a manual.

The Pro

Take everything you get with the first starter kit and add a few items to create a Pro kit. A power cig is included in the kit too. Add 5 more cartridges of nicotine to equal ten in total. A car adaptor is also included.

The Ultimate

If you thought the Pro Starter Kit was a full package of pieces, wait until you see the Ultimate. This includes 15 nicotine cartridges, a personal charging case, and a black carry case for your e cigs. Along with the two batteries listed in the first two kits, there is a second extra-capacity battery.

Nicotine Flavors

EverSmoke offers a competitive line of flavors including more than one tobacco and a couple of menthol varieties. Vanilla and coffee are rich specialties. Pina Colada, peach nicotine juice, and cherry offer fruity options.

A cartridge and atomizer are included in the orange mouthpiece designed to resemble traditional cigarettes. The cartridge flavor is indicated by the colored ring around this piece.

Ever Smoke Batteries

Some electronic cigarette companies provide a single battery operation type: automatic. Several manufacturers see the benefits of providing a second option in the manual battery. Users have more control over their vaping experience when they can press a button to pre-heat the cartridge rather than creating heat when they puff.

Ever Smoke customers can choose manual or automatic batteries when they buy their starter kits. Battery colors include silver, black, and white so choose your preferred style.

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