Halo Cigs

Halo electronic cigarettes come in two varieties: the G6 and Triton Tanks. The first can be compared to e cigs from other electronic cigarette manufacturers in most ways. The second line expands the experience you have come to love.

G6 Starter KitStarting Out with Halo

You looked all over the internet for a variety of e cigs and the website for Halo, with its blue flame, caught your eye. The blue seems clean compared to the old grey cloud your cigarettes used to emit, and that is a change you look forward to. All that remains is to choose a starter kit and get going.

Whereas most companies offer various formats, such as options with or without cases, power cigs, and car adaptors, Halo is different. Either you opt for the G6 regular e cig or the Triton Tank for its longer smoking experience.

After you make that choice, you are directed by color and the sizes of two batteries which come with the kit. The menu shows vivid blue, greens, purple, pink, and more.


Your TT choice is still vivid but with some different colors. Choose flavors and nicotine power up to 2.4%, or go without nicotine and stick with flavor.

Pre-filled cartomizers include varieties of tobacco, menthol, gourmet chocolate, cappuccino, and mocha. The case is simple black as is your cartomizer, except the latter portion has a metallic sheen.

The rest of the kit includes what you absolutely need: a USB adaptor and your wall charger. As far as accessories go, there are lanyards of three different materials, extra cases, cones, and drip tips in several lovely shades to go with the e cig or to mix and match as per the whim of the day.

Halo Triton Starter KitGoing Green

If you are looking for disposable Halo e cigs, forget it. You will have to try someone else’s G6 or TT to get a feel for them. Some companies sell these to give potential-customers a taster before they commit to buy the kit. It is cheaper to try and discard a disposable than to buy a starter kit and then decide to go with another brand.

They do have a nice line of e-liquids, so you can try out their flavors with another refillable cig. A couple of our favorites are their Tribeca and their Kringle Curse peppermint flavor, though their e-juice is overall real nice quality.

Halo seems to take its name partly from that clean vapor cloud you will emit and also from the angelic way the company seeks to reduce waste. One of those ways is by not offering disposable e cigs. After all, by definition they become an immediate waste when they are out of juice.

Instead, you get starter kits, and these stand out among other companies for their flair. If you love every color except the brown your teeth had become while smoking, this is definitely an option for you.

Also, notice that you can buy refillable cartridges or pre-loaded ones packed with flavor already. Refillable versions are designed to have liquid added.

Check out their site at http://halocigs.com