South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke wants you to trust them with their business. They are BBB accredited, which stands for a lot with internet companies leaping onto the scene, sometimes unregulated and unethical. Besides, this area of commerce is still so new and companies have not had time to develop lengthy reputations. Consumers feel better with that BBB rating and also when they see the savings they will realize by purchasing starter kits to continue where they left off from real cigs.

South Beach Smoke KitThe Price Difference

Most companies do not lay out a comparison between e cigs and regular cigarettes. You have to do some mental math or more complicated calculations, but South Beach Smoke wants you to know that when you buy their starter kits you are paying less than $1.50 for the equivalent of a pack of old-style cigarettes. That goes for any of the kits the firm sells: Deluxe, Deluxe Plus, and Deluxe Ultimate.

Gradual Increase

Each starter kit is a little more sophisticated than the one before it. Consumers who are still new to the whole concept, or who want to give a gift to a reluctant convert, will probably stick with the smallest package at the lowest price. It comes with an extra-capacity battery and standard battery, a portable wall charger, deluxe USB charger, and ten cartridges. Choose the flavor and strength you want.

Deluxe Plus, the next offering, adds a power cig, universal adaptor, and universal carry case to the selection noted above.

South Beach Smoke Carrying Case

These are small additions, but they can make a big difference to the e cig user who tried smoking some other brand’s goods, made the switch, and who now wants more from his newly-chosen brand. A power cig gives him the option to use a cigarette at the computer without charging batteries.

Moving along to the Deluxe Ultimate, twenty cartridges are included. You also receive a personal portable charger for charging on the road and a lanyard. Traveling smokers will find these items useful.

The Look

South Beach Smokes look like ordinary cigarettes. Flavors are differentiated by a thin colored line around the orange mouthpiece. Otherwise, select a white or black battery when you need a new one.

South Beach Smoke Portable E-Cig Charging CaseAccessorize

Is something missing from the kit you bought? Did you lose something or discover it had warn out or been damaged by the dog? A car adaptor, lanyard, portable charging case, and other items are available for purchase online.

Favoring Electronic Flavors

It is customary these days for an e cig manufacturer to provide assorted tobacco flavors including menthol as well as gourmet choices. Tobacco varieties are equated with ordinary cig brands so you can imagine what a particular sort will taste and smell like.

South Beach Smoke goes along with the trend, supplying consumers with sweet fruity choices, rich chocolate, soothing vanilla, and tropical pina colada. Select one or two favorites when you restock your cartridge supply or buy a box of assorted cartridges and get a surprise every time you “light up.” Nothing actually burns. Your light comes from a pretty LED bulb, helping you to enjoy something of the experience you were used to with the old smokes.


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