South Beach Smoke Air

Do not confuse the South Beach Smoke Air with a Vapor Zone Air. Though both of these companies are subsidiaries of IVA (International Vaping Group), these products are not exactly the same. Both devices share similarities however, revealed below.

How are the two “Airs” similar?

Both of these devices are very small 350mAh personal vaporizers. Each one is discrete and designed to hold a 1ml tank. Each is functional and minimal, arriving in a starter kit without any liquid.

Vapor Zone and South Beach Smoke have both chosen to appeal to a wide audience; it’s just that Vapor Zone’s customers can carry on as far as the Rebel, a class looking mod. South Beach Smoke’s audience is more limited, but adding more choice besides mini cigs is a good move by this popular electronic cigarette firm.

How are they Different?

A Vapor Zone Air tank and battery are elliptical tubes that can only be used with each other. The South Beach Smoke Air is a cylinder; the standard shape for a small personal vaporizer. Vapor Zone’s kit costs just a little bit more but comes in black or white. South Beach Smoke does not provide color choices: just a stainless steel look.

South Beach Air KitSouth Beach Smoke Air

Your $29.99 kit comes with a wall adapter and USB charger plus a battery and clearomizer with a hidden wick. This item is packaged in a rectangular case made of sturdy plastic: not a blister pack but also not as classy as a hard-shell case. A cap is supplied to keep the mouthpiece from getting dirty if you drop it in a bag without its case.

Replacement batteries are priced $24.99 and you pay $9.99 for each clearomizer. There is no sign that the clearomizer is built to be taken apart.

Filling the Air

Take care not to get liquid into the center part of your clearomizer and you should be fine. This is an introductory e-cig: nothing fussy. Choose a juice from the South Beach Smoke (a.k.a. Vapor Zone) e-liquid line or choose another brand, staying away from tank crackers like citrus fruits and hot cinnamon candy. If this is an upgrade from your usual cigalike, you will love the many flavors and bigger vapor.