Vapor Couture

V2 brings class to electronic smoking with Vapor Couture. As the name suggests, the line is more fashionable than ordinary e cigs. The look is designed to go with clothing like other accessories such as earrings and shoes. They are even boxed to look like designer perfume. If you have already tried this new type of electronic cigarette and liked it, consider buying a starter kit.

* Important Note *: If you look at their Facebook Page, numerous consumers have been having trouble with their batteries. They make exquisite products, though we want to make sure you know this right away.

Vapor Couture Deluxe Starter KitStarter Kit Number One

With a name like “Couture,” it makes sense that a basic starter would be called the “Entrée Kit.” Select Passion Fruit, Arctic Mint, or Rodeo Drive cartridges worth about 250 puffs. Nicotine strength is a mild 1.2%. Although VC comes in four styles, this kit offers a Brushed Platinum battery to go with almost anything. You also get a USB smart charger and a disposable cig.


With the Essentials Kit you move up in the world. Besides a mini smart charger, manual, and wall charger, you also receive more cartridges and a wider variety of flavors. Choose Strawberry Champagne, Bombshell, or another sort of mint instead of or as well as the ones included with the Entrée.

Choose your nicotine strength too. All four battery color choices are available with the Essentials Starter Kit: White Signature, Rose Gold, Deep Purple, and Brushed Platinum. Customers get two of them when they buy this second variety of starter kit from VC.

More is Less

The bigger kit you buy, the more money you save. A Deluxe Kit includes a clutch and a lanyard with a VC charm in addition to the other items noted above. As with the Essential Kit, consumers enjoy a choice of strength, flavor, and battery color. Moreover, they get to select from various lanyard colors.

When in Doubt

If you are puzzling over which starter kit to try, read reviews from other customers. They are published on the Vapor Couture website, but also on electronic cigarette review sites not affiliated with particular brands.

Another way to overcome doubt is to order a disposable Vapor Couture e cig. Experience their flavor and attractive appearance, noting these are not powerful e cigs. Their main purpose is to make you look good while enjoying your vapor.