VaporFi Express

The Express Kit from Vaporfi could easily be overlooked in favor of the kit’s bigger brothers. He has five of them, and being the baby an Express could live resentfully in the shadows if it weren’t for Vapor Zone’s solid campaign strategy. It would be unfortunate if the Express were to be forgotten. Users are very happy with the battery performance and vapor from this little e-cig.

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A Vapor Zone Express Kit comes with two batteries: an 180mAh Standard and 280mAh High-Capacity battery, each with 4.5-volt output. An adapter and USB charger accompany the batteries, but no cartridges; not even blank ones.

Express Kit

Consumers must weigh up the pros and cons of spending $30 for a kit without eliquid, especially people who prefer to use pre-filled cartomizers. Boxes of five cost $14.99 each and come in just five flavors.

Flavors are Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, and Chocolate, from no nicotine to 2.4%. That is possibly the lowest selection for one of the highest-priced packages of cartomizers around.

Refillable cartomizers, however, cost $7.99 for five. Vaporfi sells loads of flavors of eliquid and offers custom blending with no lack of possible tastes. You would quickly outgrow cartomizers just because they cost a lot more money than bottled juice and you don’t receive enough choices.

A two-battery starter kit from other manufacturers usually costs $40 or more. That second battery is worth $10 from generic retailers, while the wall adapter (not typically included in an Essentials Kit) is worth anything from $5 to $10.

Here’s the math: a battery plus wall adapter costs a minimum of $15. Take that away from $29.99 and you would have a $14.99 starter kit without eliquid. Instead, the parts you are going to need anyway are already contained in the package.

On the downside, a single battery replacement for the Express costs $19.99, which is a big markup. You do not have to pay that. Then again, most mini cig batteries don’t provide 4.5-volt output: 4.2 volts is the usual maximum.