VaporFi Jet

VaporZone is a new company in the electronic cigarette market who has a sick line of upgraded e-cigs with tank systems, as well as standard e-cigs and a massive line of customizeable e-juice flavors.

When the blah choice of cylindrical vapor pens has got you down, thinking there is nothing original about electronic cigarettes anymore, take a look at the Vapor Zone Jet. This device will restore your faith in the fusion of art and technology.

Vapor Zone Jet Review

For $79.99, the Jet comes with 2 extra atomizers, a single battery and cartomizer, a wall adapter, USB charger, and a cap for the mouthpiece.

Vaporzone Jet Kit

This thoughtful addition allows you to keep the mouthpiece clean when not in use. Batteries carry a value of 650mAh. The Jet tank holds 1.3ml of liquid. Atomizer resistance is 2.4ohms: not low, but moderate.

That was a lot of technical detail, but what is there to love about a Jet? One thing is the shape of it. Though a Jet clearomizer boasts the usual shape and connects to a regular round battery stem, this battery morphs into a triangle at the end. This creative twist allows the device, which would otherwise be bland, to stand out among other black e-cig pens. With a wider base, the LED screen has room to spread out so the user can read it without squinting.

This screen shows battery power with fabulous accuracy. The tank is easy to fill. There is nothing difficult about getting set up with e-liquid (maybe a Vapor Zone bottle) and starting your vaping day. Even though the pen is small and light, it is weighty enough to suggest there is quality in the build.

Just a Few Negatives

One thing customers are saying they want is more color choice. Why are they stuck with black? It’s not like they can cover the battery with a wrap when it is such an unusual shape.

Another problem is leakage: a couple of customers reported some problems between the battery and tank, which Vapor Zone put down to a loose atomizer. Let’s hope that is the problem because their site promotes this as a leak-free device.

Thirdly, a 1.3-ml tank had some customers wishing for a bigger capacity. With a 650mAh battery, it seemed like they had all-day power, but less than half a day of juice.

Besides those, consumers are very happy with the high quality of this vaporizer, as the company has truly taken things to the next level, and you can count on them addressing concerns, such as the aforementioned, from what we’ve seen, as they are a very interactive, customer driven firm, making constant improvements based on customer feedback.

Here’s a quick video of what’s inside the Jet Starter Kit.

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