VaporFi Rebel

The Rebel by Vapor Fi is, according to their website, for serious vapers only (aficionados). Yet, I was pleasantly surprised to read reviews saying some consumers started with one and never looked back.

They hadn’t ever vaped before, but the Rebel is user-friendly even for the newbie who is calm enough to take her time and analyze the device, from tip to tail, and figure out how it works. There are a lot of aspects to this device which make it a winner.


They have just released the Rebel 2 with some awesome upgrades! Read about it here

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Vapor Fi Rebel Review

At $179.99, the Rebel is an expensive starting point in one sense, though this is a very advanced device with all the bells and whistles.

The package contains two batteries: one a high-capacity, 2200mAh beast, the other a standard 600mAh battery. The Rebel is telescopic, meaning you can adjust the length of it so it fits with a large or small battery to become bigger or smaller. There is a dual head tank capable of holding 3mls of liquid, a wall adapter, and the requisite USB charger. Your Rebel’s outer shell is stainless steel.

VaporZone Rebel Kit

The Rebel’s atomizer is set to 1.6ohms: a lovely low resistance for warm vapor at the right voltage setting. Great, long lasting battery power provides a full day of vaping before you have to charge, but the tank might need a refill in the meantime. Nothing is said regarding whether the consumer is able to rebuild this atomizer or not.

Here is something I really like about the Rebel: it is compatible with multiple tanks, not just Vapor Zone models. If you already have a great tank that threads neatly onto this device, don’t switch. Stick with what you know.

Nicotine Juice

Vapor Zone provides many thousands of possible flavors to vapers who want to customize their nicotine juice. A 30ml bottle costs $14.99.