Volcano eCigs

Volcano gets its name from being a Hawaiian electronic cigarette company. All of their flavors are made in the United States and bear Hawaiian-style titles such as Coocoo Coconut, Kona Coffee, and Waikiki Watermelon. A Volcano e cig starter kit contains all you need to begin vaping. Kits, too, are appropriately named to reflect their origins.

Volcano Inferno Starter KitMagma: Going with the Flow

A Magma starter kit is the basic Volcano beginner’s selection. It contains a gift box, two batteries with red LED lights, a USB charger, wall adaptor, mini USB cable, and a 5-pack of cartomizers that have already been filled and are ready to use. Beginners should know that when you combine an atomizer with a cartridge you get a cartomizer: a flavor and heating center in one.

One advantage of this kit over other versions within the brand is that the two-piece item has the appearance of an ordinary tobacco cigarette. This cylinder should also feel much like the real thing, without the cost to health and environment.

You will also notice a big savings of real money, even if the kit costs more than a pack of cigarettes at first. A single pack of cartomizers is roughly the same value as ten times as many traditional cigarettes.

If you are thinking of giving a Magma Starter Kit to someone who continues to smoke ordinary cigs, you are on the right lines. Transitioning from authentic to electronic cigs is easy with a kit that looks and feels similar. Also, Volcano packaging is designed simply to suit any age, males and females. Make someone happy and encourage him to be healthier with the gift of Magma.

Inferno: More Capacity

If you thought Magma was hot, an Inferno could be hotter. This is a bit different in style and feel from the Magma with its tube tanks in place of cartomizers. These make the item larger, but they also contain more e-liquid and can be refilled easily.

Your Inferno starter kit will come with a gift box like its brother as well as two batteries of different strengths. A mini USB cable, wall charger, and 5 refills are included. This set it is compatible with all Volcano clearomizers and cartomizers.