Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor seeks affiliate marketers, individuals with experience promoting products to earn commission. If you have a flare for this sort of work, or even just run a vaping related blog, then they want to hear from you.

Direct Vapor is an all-purpose online vape equipment store carrying mods, e cigs, tanks, e juice, and accessories from the world’s biggest brands. They carry a huge range of mod bundles, starter kits, high-quality e juice, and more.

Employees at Direct Vapor love what they do and they do it well, but affiliate marketers need only be good at what they do to join the team. You don’t have to be a vaper to become an affiliate as long as you are able to encourage consumers to check out Direct Vapor’s website and make a purchase.

Direct Vapor Become an AffiliateHow the Direct Vapor Affiliate Program Is Run

Affiliates receive support from a dedicated crew who give all their team members tools and guidance to make the internet work for them.

If you like the idea of promoting e cigs and vaping and have some ideas but need a little bit of direction, talk to them about your strategy.

All it takes to get started is filling out an application form. There is no cost to sign up and start earning money right away.

How Do Affiliates Earn Money?

An affiliate marketer promotes a business on his or her website or blog but does not carry goods or sell anything. When readers click on the link which takes them from the affiliate marketer’s site to Direct Vapor, if they buy something, the affiliate earns a commission. That link from the site to Direct Vapor is tracked so the affiliate never loses a sale. There is also tracking on phone orders.

Marketing Tactics

While it is okay to ask for some guidance, Direct Vapor prefers to work with people who can already demonstrate some knowledge of the affiliate concept and have an idea of how they will promote their business. Your professionalism (or the opposite) reflects on them.

They also make themselves available and set you up with an account, so it’s necessary to demonstrate that this effort is worthwhile. Direct Vapor provides banners, text links, images, and more which can be attached to blog pages and other websites.

Once you get started, your affiliate account is available all the time to check where your balance stands and decide if you need to hone your marketing tactics.

How To Promote

If you have a website, you can use that as a way to promote the brand, with review posts, top 10 charts, general information etc., wherever it is suitable. You can also use YouTube, and do videos and add your links there. Just look at many video reviews and you’ll see how they do it, often using a bitly link.

Potential Earnings

Affiliates have the potential to earn 10% whether customers buy starter kits or e juice and the average order tends to be significant. Cookies are set up for a full year with real time reporting and commissions for life. Payments are made at set times throughout the year.

Direct Vapor Affiliate Program