The V2 Cigs Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketers earn money by promoting products, not selling them in the way retailers do. They do not keep any stock in their garages or basements. Affiliate marketers work on the Multi-Level Marketing format, earning a percentage from sales derived from a code embedded in banners and other marketing materials, and then from bringing other affiliates onto the team through 2nd tier commission.

Most e cig companies hire affiliates, including V2 Cigs. Lots of affiliates share the advertising load but don’t cost as much as advertising. Although V2 Cigs uses traditional advertising methods, they get a lot more for their money by hiring affiliate marketers. It’s a win-win situation.

V2 profitThe Mechanics at a Glance

Here is how the program works at V2 Cigs. They pay affiliates $25 just for signing up.

After that, the company supplies marketing materials such as online banners and coupon codes which affiliates post on their websites (You can request your own coupon codes like the ones we have here).

Affiliates earn 20% for sales of starter kits from V2 or the Vapor Couture line and 15% on sales of other products from either company. A sale is linked to the affiliate when it is his or her link which becomes the lead.

V2 Affiliate Program

Going Further with V2

But there are more earnings to be had at V2 Cigs the longer you remain as an affiliate and the more work you do. Level 1 commission is for up to 99 sales. For all sales from 100 to 199, earn 25% and 20% commission. After 200 sales you become a Level 3 affiliate earning 30% and 25% commission. The average sale earns V2 Cigs about $100 so you could be making $15 to $30 for each of these transactions on average. It’s possible to make small income without doing much or to earn a living by really plugging the brand online and offline.

Payment for Affiliates

As with most e cig companies, payments are made monthly and there are three possible methods of payment. You could ask for a Paypal deposit, a check, or a wire transfer if monthly payments add up to $999.99 or less. At the $1,000 mark, affiliates must accept payment as a wire transfer.

Conversion Rates

V2 Cigs has a decent conversion rate compared to other companies currently performing well in this market. It’s not the highest, but the V2 Cigs Affiliate Program is still one of the highest-rated of its kind.

The conversion rate is how many times someone visits the site and actually buys something. At its highest, this can be around 13% and V2 Cigs comes close.

Who Can Become a V2 Cigs Affiliate?

Anyone can become an affiliate for V2 Cigs. The brand is popular all over Europe so you don’t even have to be American or live in America. You don’t have to be a customer, but it helps. The best way to promote a product is to be a happy customer yourself. This way, potential clients can see that whatever you say about the brand is only what you truly think and feel about it.

Why V2?

V2 Cigs affiliates have access to lots of support from the company and they don’t really have to do much to earn money. They benefit from promoting a product which speaks for itself but also receives excellent reviews. V2 Cigs has expanded its product line to include a 3-in-1 vaporizer, while Vapor Couture’s catalogue has also grown since it was first launched.

Customer service at V2 Cigs is highly thought of and reviewers routinely state that these e cigs produce excellent vapor for such a small device. The system is safe and there isn’t really anything you can lose by signing up.

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