Are you a vaper keen to become associated with one of the top US brands of e cigs, APVs, mods, e liquids, and herbal vaporizers? Do you know a thing or two about e juice and electronic cigarettes?

Perhaps you have some experience as an affiliate marketer and could see yourself being an asset to the Vaporfi affiliate program. Here is how their system works.

Join for Free

Decide how you think you would use the internet to market Vaporfi products. Maybe you run an anti-smoking newsletter or a blog about e juice. It’s your intention to promote Vaporfi on the site using embedded links and promotional banners. Figure it all out and sign up: there is no cost, and every chance to earn money.

Some Vaporfi Affiliate Program Highlights

Payouts for Affiliates

Earnings are related to what is sold via your marketing efforts. If someone uses your link to visit Vaporfi and buys e juice, you earn 10% of his bill before shipping is calculated. If he buys a starter kit or accessories, your earnings more than double to 25% of the bill. Recruit more affiliates to Vaporfi and earn 5% of their earnings as well.

Team Member for a Year

Vaporfi sets up cookies for a year during which time they will help you make your strategy work. They provide banners, creative email ideas, and links. They also activate automatic notifications if you want this feature as a way to find out when you have made a sale.

Affiliates also have access to their accounts night and day, all the time. The key word list is constantly re-evaluated in order to make the most of SEO strategies and stay at the top of a browser’s hit list. Take advantage of their research and utilize key words in your text.

How Do They Know You Made a Sale?

Vaporfi engages a special tracking system which becomes part of your web page or blog. They can tell when a reader goes to their site via the affiliate’s page. You can even ask for a personalized URL. If you like to promote products in print, ask about discounts on their brochures.

Payments from Vaporfi

At regular intervals, Vaporfi’s dedicated affiliate team deposits money into their affiliates’ accounts. Money goes directly into your bank account. If you ever need help from that team, contact the affiliate managing department for ideas or to ask questions. They want you to succeed because affiliate success is good for them too.

Online at Vaporfi

Their online catalogue is a constantly changing map of the vaping world. Watch how flavor choices increase and new e-juices are added to accommodate a growing interest in sub-ohm vaping and rebuildable tanks. Explore exceptional technology from Vaporfi such as their various Vox mods, the new Rebel III, plus several other e cigs styles.

The Vaporfi Affiliate Program