777 Ecigs

Will a 777 E Cigs review be lucky for this e cig player? Do they have anything the other players do not have? Why would you choose them when other, better-known brands are already established and trusted?

The reason is that competition is important in any industry. This is how prices remain under control and quality is forced to continue improving.

Kits from 777

Here are two choices of e-cig kits from 777: a mini and an Essentials kit. Funnily enough, the latter name is one that is used to describe the former style of kit on other websites. A mini kit contains one short automatic battery, a USB charger, and two cartridges for $19.95. This is a mid-level price. Batteries are available in camouflage, black, white, and stainless.

The Essentials Kit ($49.95) contains a single battery again. You choose: short, standard, or long, a color, and manual or automatic. The AC adaptor, USB charger, and a welcome car adaptor are included plus a five pack of cartridges in one of 16 flavors and up to 1.8% nicotine.

To receive the second battery necessary to mini cig vapers choose a Deluxe Kit or the Ultimate. The Deluxe is priced $89.95 for 2 batteries, USB, case, plus ten cartridges. The Ultimate adds $40 plus a PCC, a third battery, and 25 cartridges.

A Power-Cig kit comes with 15mls of your choice of e-liquid plus 3 T-4 tanks. I would almost prefer this package except for the fact that I would have to be virtually wearing a USB port to make it work all the time. 777 also sell mods and tank systems by other brands.

For the Ladies

Tank Starter Kits by 777 include a ladies’ version which, apparently, is slimmer, like a Vapor Couture. The website gave inadequate information for me to verify this fact, but the only other way this set could be described as “feminine” is the choice of pink or powder blue battery. They also come in black.

A series of ladies’ accessories makes more sense as this is where the bling is. Buy a rhinestone case, Swarovski Crystal case, or a simple pink case with a mirror inside. Bling-style batteries are available too if you are using tanks

T-4 Mini Tank Starter Kits

There are three of these: a single-battery option for $39.95, a two-battery item costing $49.95, and another for $69.95. Each comes with three tanks and a charger. The last of these also contains a bottle of e-liquid.

Unusual Item

Buy an e-shot from 777, a tank with a needle-topped bottle for carrying juice on the go. A key chain keeps it secured to your jeans or purse.

More Items

Cartridges are filled with caramel, chocolate, coffee, Italian Crème, pina colada, one of several fruits, tobacco, peppermint, or menthol. Five of these cost $8.95 (blanks are $7.95). E-liquid (15mls) comes in at $9.95 in mostly the same varieties with a few extras.

The Same But Different

Some of this catalogue is very close to what you get from the competition. There are one and two battery starter packages for instance. The tank systems can also be found elsewhere, although sometimes missing the juice that is found here. Pricing is not bad overall: similar in some instances (like the $49.95 starter kit), but really good in others ($8.95 for 5 cartridges).

Overall, 777 E Cigs makes a solid place for itself in a crowded market.