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Cigavette has made it clear that their goal is to provide an alternative to smoking. They cannot say bluntly that Cigavette is a device for smokers to buy when they are trying to quit, but all of those comparisons between vapor and smoke make it obvious here and on other websites. There is little difference between Cigavette’s strategy in this sense and that of other brands. It is even made clear that e-cigs are for smokers, not for use by non-smokers or kids.

Why Not Kids?

Why would the FDA, government, or e-cig companies even be worried about children buying electronic cigarettes? They have several very good reasons.

The first is that this is not a regulated industry. Shop keepers do not have to ask a person for proof of age before selling him an electronic cigarette.

Secondly, scientists continue to examine these products, eager to determine for certain if there are any potential side effects to electronic vaping. While better than cigarettes, no matter what age a consumer is, it is not a good idea for a teenager to pick these up thinking they are safe with or without nicotine.

Finally, some of the flavors out there are so appetizing that it is a given children will be tantalized. Even adults who never smoked in their lives are suddenly interested in vaping.

Does Cigavette Sell Sweets?

Let us look at disposables in this Cigavette review. There is a small catalogue of fruity e-hookah pens (e-cigs, but tasting of sweets and fruit). They are Berrylicious, Choclatini, Peach Bellini, Strawberry Daiquiri, Vanilla Bean, and Watermelon Cooler. Each one possesses 11mg of nicotine and costs $8.95, so if a child were to try one of these affordable items thinking it was harmless, he would get a nicotine rush and potentially develop an addiction.

As an adult looking at a list like this, you have to take warnings with a pinch of salt. Children eager to buy e-cigs or cigarettes will not be stopped that easily. They would turn to analogs if not for these choices, so try to put those fears aside and think about what you want out of an e-cig.

These e-hookah pens come with LED lights at the end, have the weight and feel of analogs, but are prettier.

Cigavette Starter PacksStarter Packages

The Cigavette package is lovely. It is simple yet stunning. Menthol and tobacco flavors are featured in their starter kits for about $30. Each one comes with a 4.2volt battery: the KR808.

Although finding compatible products outside of the Cigavette line is hard with a KR808 (as opposed to the 510), these are really good batteries by vapers’ standards.

A Premium starter package features two batteries in two sizes plus six pre-filled cartridges. The USB and wall adaptor are included, as well as a steel and leather case. The bill comes to $49.95 plus shipping.

If you are interested in moving onwards and upwards to heavier items with bigger batteries, the Mega or Ultimate is for you. A kit contains batteries providing 650mAh or you can enjoy 1300mAh.

Cigavette VIP Go Ultra Set

What difference does this make? Plenty: more mAh (milliamp hours) translates to more vapor and a longer charge. The two packages for beginners cost $79.95 and $99.95 respectively.

When it is time to refill your regular mini cig from Cigavette, five cartridges cost $12.95. The lowest I have seen is $9.99, but one company sells theirs for nearly $17, so Cigavette pricing is fair.

Disposable Choices

If you want a regular Cigavette sans fruit, they cost $6.95 each. This is very hard to beat unless you go to an all-purpose e-tailer. They come in 18 or 12mg tobacco styles or 18mg menthol. Bulk pricing is listed on the site.