I don’t know much about Discount Vapers, I’ll be very honest.  Has anyone tried their products?  If so, can you share a review with me?  I take comments and emails, so don’t be shy.

You can even send me a Discount Vapers coupon code and I will post it here. I’ve just seen a 5% discount for anyone who’s placed 5 orders and is in good standing with them.

For Now…

I do have a nice savings coupon for V2 Cigs.

Follow the link and you’ll see how you can save 10, 15, even 40% off if you play your cards right.


What do vaper say about DiscountVapers? They generally recommend that consumers visit this shop, and if they have any questions they should talk to Eric. You don’t need to go anywhere else when you first start using basic 510 electronic cigarettes. You will get the best prices and best service. That is the standard opinion.

DiscountVapers Review

Eric’s website is a bit crowded. It would block out 80% of the right side of your screen and focus on the left sidebar when you visit initially. All categories (and there are lots of them) have been listed here, broken down considerately. Abbreviations used at certain other sites make life hard for newbies.

It appears that the only thing missing is e liquid, but there is loads of that at vapor bars and online. Besides, there are too many good brands, but when it comes to hardware there are a handful of reliable makes to choose from.

The brand list is not exclusive at Discount Vapers, but you are likely to find Joye, Kanger, AnyVape, and Innokin. Categorization is split up in three ways: search by item, brand, or price range. The item you want could be an atomizer, starter kit, tank, or battery. Essentially, all hardware is carried here, but not the fancy stuff. If you want a presentation station for batteries and atomizers or a bejeweled battery sleeve, you should shop somewhere else. That goes for big, boutique mods made in small batches and obscure Greek models too.

One exception to the non-fancy selection is their drip tips. Eric carries some marbled acrylic and steel ones among others. I just love them. They look like perfume bottles.

When you find an item that is on your hit list, the picture is labeled to indicate if it is in stock and how many are left. Fancy software lets retailers do this easily, connecting directly to their warehouse so you see levels go up or down in real time. Discover if the item you are dithering about is down to a single unit after which time you will have to wait for a new shipment.

Eric’s picture is posted right on the site so you can put a face to the person you are emailing or speaking to by phone. His commitment is to bring great products to consumers for less than they usually pay, like the Innokin Cool Fire I kit, which is just $48.99 here. That’s unheard of. The firm is based in Oakville, CT.