Vapers in the Minooka Illinois area probably know better than other consumers how lucky they are to have Goodejuice at their doorsteps.

This is a general e-cig supplier, by which I mean they sell just about every kind of product used by vapers from early consumers to advanced vapers. From 510 units to Galileo mods, they will help you no matter your skills or lack of them and even supply suggestions about the equipment you would find easiest and most satisfying to use.

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Goodejuice.comCategories of Products

Like many electronic cigarette retailers, their website is organized into headings such as Clearomizers, Cartomizers, e-Liquid, and Kits, Atomizers, RBAs, Drip Tips, and Batteries. Because of the volume of products in each of these categories, sub-headings lead you closer to the item you actually desire with the appropriate threading or other qualities. That will save you searching through lists that do not relate to your needs.

Products: a Goodejuice Review

First up is an unusual sight, but one that makes sense upon reflection. Why hasn’t anyone else been selling tobaccoless chew? If cigarette smokers are encouraged to switch, the same should be true of people who chew tobacco. They’re just as susceptible to the dangers smokers face. Young’s herb, wintergreen, licorice, or ginger chew sells for $1.99; a huge drop from the retail price.

The AKIT 510 starter kit is a fantastic little item for $7.99. A simple generic starter kit in a window-box, it features three cartridges, a rechargeable battery, and a USB charger. That’s a $20 value elsewhere on the net, but you are not paying for a fancy box or a colored, brushed aluminum cigarette. It is a basic white e-cig, but you can always buy skins somewhere if that’s not to your liking.

A Boge F15 Clearomizer Smart Kit comes out at $19.95 plus shipping (which is free after $75 in the U.S.) This 1100mAh eGo pass-through cigarette features a pass-through cord, tank, and three spare atomizers. The cost is more commonly associated with a battery on its own. Boge products are carried by plenty of e-cig retailers, but seldom do I see a kit by Boge, and it’s a good value kit at that.

A Cobra Tank Atomizer (RBA) is priced $14.99. The ECT Oddy is $9.99. Buy a Mini DID Genesis for $9.99. Also on the RBA list are NiChrome and Kanthal wire, 400 Stainless Steel Mesh, and Silica Wick. These are the items required for rebuilding an RBA.

Dripping with Drip Tips

Drip tips are featured separately in this review because I have a pet peeve with many suppliers: low stock. Just when I think I’ve found the goods I want in colors I like, the label “out of stock” or “notify me” comes up. The most beautiful items on an e-tailer’s list are only as good as his stock levels, and Goodejuice satisfies with good stock, selection, and prices.

Buy a Pyrex clear, blue, or green glass drip tip for $9.99. Try a stainless steel vase tip for $6.99 ($4.99 in aluminum). Ribbon tips are clear with a strip of color for $2.99. There are 10 items on the list and most of them were available when I was shopping.

Drip shields, $1.99, are grooved, made of aluminum, attractive, and available in multiple colors.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers at GoodeJuice

Sigelei, iSmoka, and Vision are a few names gracing the APV page, but a couple of unfamiliar items also caught my attention. Have you ever wanted a waterproof APV? Goodejuice makes one called the E-LVT Waterproof, Shockproof VV/VW APV Mod. For $99.99, you can own one in grey or blue. It has its own flashlight, is fall proof, resists pressure, and can also be used for vaping.

The Vision X.Fire-Flare Self Feed PV is sold here for $149.99. The VV accepts 18350 or 18650 batteries which are protected from short circuiting or battery reversal.

E-Juice Selection

Goodejuice makes e-liquid and sells other brands: eVo, Joyetech, Hangsen, and Dekang. They carry e-Hookah USA too.

For USA-made e-liquid in tobacco styles, try one of the 8 USA-made Lab-made varieties for $2.99 (3mls) in 0, 6, 16, or 26mg of nicotine. They are Full Throttle, M-Type LIte, Bull Durham (Oriental/Turkish), Emerald Square Menthol Tobacco, Polar Ice Menthol, Cool Blast Menthol, and Strawberry Chill Menthol.

House Brewed e-Liquid (All-Natural and Flavor-Infused) or Premium Flavors (48 of them) cost $5.99 for 10mls and come in nicotine levels rising from zero to 36 at increments of 6mg. All-Natural flavors include Acadian Gold and Perique. Flavor-Infused styles include Banana and Apple. Premium Flavors will be familiar to you, like mint candy and Tootsy Roll.

More Information about GoodeJuice

There is just one retail location for GoodeJuice, the one in Minooka, so a lot of their business is going to come from internet customers. That’s fine: their stock, as noted, is pretty good. Prices are also competitive. They run an affiliate program for motivated vapers/customers to guide friends and strangers to vaping via Goodejuice.

The site offers a printable price list if you want to do some research and take the list with you to other locations or even use it for comparing online alternatives. Video reviews provide more product information and impressions.

Visit Goodejuice using social media if you don’t feel like calling or emailing them. This is the best way to stay abreast of sales, which sometimes come up at the last minute. If you subscribe to their mailings and keep watching their Facebook page, you will be one of the first to know when a discount is afoot. Go ahead and shop here securely with your credit card.