We’ve enjoyed what we have seen from MadVapes, and were impressed with the Innokin iTaste VV 3.0, eGo 900 mAh kit and the Smok mini eGo express kit that we received from them, and are looking for a coupon code to help save our readers some money. If you have one, please send it along.

Here are the latest Madvapes coupon codes, discounts and offers for 2015!

Save 15% On Everything

15% discount for Halloween 2015
Expires November 2, 2015

Summer Savings – 10% Off Tanks and Atomizers

Expires August 3, 2015

Save 15% For The 4th Of July!

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Have you ever perused website reviews, forums, etc. and seen lots of bad reviews about a company. You wondered how on earth there can also be so many good ones at the same time. Here’s a tip: read the dates on reviews and forum threads.

Pay attention to the newer ones. Many companies have addressed those old complaints and concerns, which is why they are currently hot property. A MadVapes review you read online could be part of an outdated thread yet to be archived or deleted, and it would be a shame not to give a firm your business because of old grievances or opinions.

MadVapes eGo 900 mAh KitFor Example

A few customers commented on health and safety at the MadVapes store, stating that clerks did not wear gloves when filling bottles. They also failed to measure ingredients, estimating instead, and this method probably led to inconsistent views about flavor at the time.

On the flip side are many glowing reports about their store. Employees are friendly, helpful, and product selection is good. Which views should you believe: comments about wonderful products and excellent customer service, or perspectives on poor hygiene and juice-mixing methods? Again, read the dates. They will guide you.

Staying in Touch

MadVapes is on Facebook, Twitter, and is also available to contact by phone and email. This is why customers already know to be aware of the way weather has hit their North Carolina store. Storms have caused shipping delays, some staff has been unable to get to work, so if you are calling and getting no answer that might be why. Their newsletter will probably go into further detail, so sign up and read about what the local residents went through during February 2014 after it’s all over.

Help Desk

The help desk at MadVapes is there for you to get advice about issues big and small: faulty products or DOA batteries; mixed-up orders or trouble with a burnt smell when you vape. Contact them first, not an e-cig forum. MadVapes wants a chance to satisfy the customer before he complains publicly, and when MadVapes responds, their customer service is generally so good you will probably want to stick with them. Sometimes it is useful to have a problem because this is how great (or poor) service is revealed.

Customer Loyalty Rewards

MadVapes has created a rewards system for loyal customers. The more you spend, the more your 5% adds up to. Spend it at the store of course: that’s what it’s for. Though you have seen this kind of program before, there’s no shame in riding the wave of a good idea. People like free stuff and can see the difference a regular discount like this makes to the cost of vaping over time.

Shipping Prices and Policies

Orders are shipped in order of when they are placed, not in order of how urgent you make your order sound. You will receive email confirmation that your order was placed. Items can be shipped internationally if a country accepts electronic cigarettes and parts through their customs system (or does not connect the label “MadVapes” with vaping in nations that do not currently permit such items across their borders).

Wholesale Selection and Pricing

An entirely different website (still from MadVapes) is dedicated to placing wholesale orders. The link is right on their main page. For some of these items, you only have to purchase 10 at a time. Others, like the 510 Redux eGo Clearomizer Kit, are sold in shipments from 100 to 10,000 at a time. Savings according to the size of your order are calculated on the page, so you know exactly what to expect at the checkout. Wholesale pricing applies to much of the stuff carried on their site: batteries, stainless cartomizers, tank replacements, et al.

More Products

The regular site contains mods and electronic cigarettes. They carry an 18350 Sidewinder, ACE VV/VW APV (from $54.99 to $207.03), the Guardian Wood e-Pipe, and Smok E100 Extender Mod or EHPro Cronus. After visiting a few retail sites carrying multiple styles of electronic cigarettes, it is clear that they all have a bias. You don’t see the Cronus, wooden mods, or e-Pipes everywhere. You also will not find the mod desk caddy at every site you visit so be sure to snap one up at MadVapes.

Selecting Vapor Juice

Juice at MadVapes is not high end. Even though their Lion Head e-liquid is premium compared to Dekang and Hangsen, it is not top class like Five Pawns. There are seven types of Hangsen juice such as Desert Ship tobacco. Their pricing is $2.99 to $4.49 for 10mls depending on nicotine strength (up to 36mg). Dekang only sells 5 juices here in 50mls bottles costing $10.99. They include a 555 tobacco.

Top Vapor and Lion Head (especially Top Vapor) add more flavors to the catalogue such as the requisite desserts, fruits, and beverages. Customers can also purchase DIY liquid and accessories such as empty bottles. Buy flavor extracts for $1.79 and mix them however you like. Available flavors are popular pleasures like cherry cola, coffee, grape, and hazelnut. The one problem is that stock is low in this section. This is the one place on the MadVapes website where I saw “out of stock” noted repeatedly.

Stock Levels

Otherwise, you would probably find their product range and stock levels good. The problems noted above with stock might even have to do with weather conditions affecting shipping both domestically and internationally.

Creating a Popular Company

Overall, MadVapes is a popular company and I can see why. They are prompt to ship products so that customers receive them within a day or two domestically. Employees offer great customer service. Their products are priced reasonably, wholesale or not, and the range covers what average and advanced vapers are in need (or want) of. Besides practical goods, they sell some fancier products.

E-liquid is a particularly good price, although this has garnered some poor reviews. If you started with Dekang or Hangsen, you won’t find anything wrong with the flavors you like unless you try a high-end product and try going back.