MyFreedomSmokes are a brand that I’ve grown fond of lately, as a friend of mine showed up with this product (that I admit I hadn’t heard of before) and let me sample it.   Just use the coupon code below and you’ll unlock the savings when you click through and visit their website.

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Based out of Charlotte, NC, My Freedom Smokes sells general vaping supplies to customers who have left mini cigs behind, or use them alternately with advanced cigs. They respect customers enough to know that they can do a lot of their own rebuilding and maintenance work at home if they can just watch a few video tutorials; hence, MyFreedomSmokes has its own YouTube channel with reviews and instructions about various products and techniques, which sound hard until you repeat them a few times.

MyFreedomSmokes Review

Readers will have noticed, while examining e-cig sites and choosing an e-tailer (or two), most of them select a combination of products from the well-known brands, sprinkling in personal favorites, especially advanced VV and mechanical devices. This can be traced to the honorable fact that vaping companies, especially small ones run by just two or three people, only sell what they are willing to vouch for. If they tried it and liked it, an item will enter their catalogue.

This is probably why you see the Magoo RBA and AnyVape ICR here along with Vision Eternity, Innokin, and Joye. The first two are not common. A Vision Eternity is seen far more frequently. Innokin and Joye are all over the internet and can also be purchased wholesale from the manufacturer. E-tailers possess the buying power to re-sell them cheaply.

Enjoy 30% Off

Instead of listing “clearance” items, MyFreedomSmokes lists items sold at 30% off. Recently, these have included a Joye eGo Trial Kit and eGo C atomizer bodies. A Mod Battery Charger was also listed. I always thought selling a product at such a severe discount signaled the end of that item, at least on a particular website, or that a new version was coming out so old stock had to go.

Then I looked at another section on MyFreedomSmokes: top-sellers. Strangely enough, many discounted products were listed under both headings. In other words, sell something at 30% off and sales climb, so it could just be a marketing scheme that clearly works.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the kind of job that people, like stay-at-home parents, take to earn a little bit of extra money on top of their regular wages. It isn’t necessarily the most lucrative means of earning a living unless you pick the right product and are good at selling.

E-cigs and accessories are the right products. Trends show sales continuing to improve and technology improving with it. If you want to earn 8% from referred sales, become an affiliate with MyFreedomSmokes.


Every so often, when a company can afford it (or cannot afford not to do it), owners run promotions and giveaways. In the case of MyFreedomSmokes, the latest contest is for a Kia: the full-sized car, not a model. That’s a pretty impressive prize. Does this mean MyFreedomSmokes should make less profit and sell their products for less? Or do you really care? That’s a nice looking car.

Starter Kits

MyFreedomSmokes carries a handful of starters. They represent the small, medium, and heavy style of electronic cigarette including mods and variable voltage units.


Joyetech has its own section, which should tell you a lot, if you don’t already know: Joyetech is one of the industry’s top sellers and highest-quality brands. It is generally reliable. Within this category there are cones, cartomizers, charging cables, and atomizer heads.

Drip Tips

My favorite section for e-cigarettes is not the atomizers or even devices, but drip tips. They are just so much fun: colorful and inexpensive. Like lipstick or nail polish, you could put on a different one every day or two to match your clothing or reflect the way you feel. Buy short, skinny, stainless steel, or acrylic tips for 510 units. Also included among the traditional drip tips are flat and rounded mouthpieces for CE4/5 tanks.


Where practicality is concerned, all you need from a case is somewhere to fit cartridges and batteries when you are away from the house, and probably a spot for a USB charger. Realistically, carry cases are like drip tips and the e-cigs themselves: you want choice, which you get from MyFreedomSmokes. Buy a hard case, a leather pouch, or Ellectra cases. There are two Ellectras: the Bumper (zippered) and Rhombus.

MyFreedomSmokes Liquids

Being an all-purpose e-cig e-tailer, MyFreedomSmokes also carries its own liquid. Signature MyFreedomSmokes liquids cost $4.99 for 10mls and are as strong as 4.8% nicotine. I’m not sure who exactly can handle that much nicotine without vibrating for 8 straight hours, but it’s great that the option to vape this much nic is available.

Try some apple pie. Have blueberry cheesecake for dessert instead. Return to tobacco with Djarum cherry or Dunhill. “Nibble” on peppermint bark. Juices can be a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin or be based on one of these (though there is no such thing as 100% vegetable glycerin).