MyVaporStore coupon codes are really a nice way to save money on e-cigs, and over the long term, can save you hundreds, if not thousands on future purchases.

Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of the “superstore” type sites out there like MyVaporStore, though they are a large respected shop and do quite well.

For anyone purchasing e-cigs, especially newbies, I always urge people to shop direct from suppliers, this way you get the best warranty and service.

If I had a MyVaporStore coupon, I’d place it here for anyone looking.  But, since I don’t, I figured I’d tell you about the best e-cig coupon on earth – a V2 Coupon.

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MyVaporStore is your vapor store, whether you live in Oregon, New York, or Kansas. The business does not sell products in person: only online, and they do not want you to call them up or visit them. It’s not that they’re secretive or making weapons of mass destruction at their premises; it’s just that they aren’t equipped. Besides, running a real shop causes prices to rise.

This is another company that started in 2009: it must have been a good year. The owners picked up early on how big this new product was going to be, which is why their name is pretty boring. Soon, new stores are going to have to get pretty crazy and start naming shops after their pets.

MyVaporStore Review

MyVaporStore offers secure online shopping by credit card. Clients are satisfied with their consistent service and quick shipping. There isn’t anything especially bad being said about them online.

MyVaporStore Products

Their stock includes the eVic kit for $104, Vision items, Smoke, iTaste 134, and the iTaste MVP for $69.99. I have seen this one for a lower price from a reputable dealer. An iClear 30 BC costs a reasonable $14.99.

Other names you might recognize are Lambo and Youde. The Lambo could be your go-to mechanical mod. Buy thread adaptors for $4.10, which the company also explains fully and with photography. Their stock of these items is substantial. Photographs on this site are very good.

Chargers are supplied by Joye, Efest, and Trustfire at good prices, often at half what name brands sell them for on their sites.

Starter kits include 510 and KR808 packages, not just equipment for the experienced customer.

E Liquid at MyVaporStore

USA-made e liquid does not have to cost a lot. At MyVaporStore, it’s just $4.99 for 10mls in 6, 11, 18, or 24mg of nicotine. They sell cherry, fruit punch, Hickory Virginia, green apple, Turkish tobacco, and tiramisu in the 50/50 range. They also sell juice balanced differently and imported e juice, but not top shelf items for $30 a bottle. Their audience has a budget.

MyVaporStore in General

For the most part, the 1,000+ products at MyVaporStore are in stock, or they were when I perused the site. Prices range from fantastic to just okay. That’s standard; even bargain places carry the occasional over-priced item.

I like their FAQ page which responds to all kinds of questions new vapers have such as where to recycle batteries, definitions of vaping jargon, and how advanced vapers can solve simple problems. With videos to support tuition, this is an educational data base, not just a sales platform. You don’t have to buy anything to access knowledge.