I never thought I would read those words: American-made electronic cigarette. Call me cynical, but even though I come across the occasional American company operating in this field (not including vapor juice producers of which there are loads), it seems the whole industry is dominated by Chinese hardware, and it is.

Their brands are featured on most e-cig e-tailer websites. A lot of the U.S. products you find are produced in small batches or are bespoke, such as custom-made wood mods. ProVape gives the American vaping public something it has yearned for: a national product to embrace.

Nothing against China

That is not saying anything against China. They often create wonderful products and are pioneers in this industry. Yet, every year, the movement to stick with local or national goods grows stronger because the American economy needs that boost. If it means spending a bit more money, remember that the money you spend on a ProVape product stays in the country. You also get an amazing product that feels like it is worth more.

ProVape Review

Here are the e-cigs available from ProVape: the Provari, Provari Mini, and the ProVape 1. Top of the pops here is a Provari, the kit that costs $212.95. ProVape cleverly indicates this last of all, making you read all the way through a description first. A lot of readers will be so tantalized by the time they read the price tag it won’t matter that they can buy a SmokTech Magneto for 1/3 of the price.

First there is the weight: it has heft, which is reassuring. Many items are so light they feel likely to break if you drop them just a foot off of the ground onto foam. A Provari is high-end stuff producing warm vapor like a real cigarette. The thread is smooth too.

You can buy extra features for your ProVape which extend the price: an extension cap for 18650 batteries; a different colored screen; or an alternative color of finish. By the time you finish ordering, the total could be closer to $300.

Forget the extension, extra colors, or a different screen background. You don’t need them. Press the button five times to turn on your device, then use the button to adjust voltage 0.1volt at a time from 2.9 to 6volts. Your kit comes with two high-drain 18490 batteries, a charger, the vaporizer with 510 threading, and a BCC tank.

Battery Protection

I love devices that protect customers from ridiculous but dangerous mishaps. So often I read that consumers have overheated their batteries and burnt themselves or destroyed their mods. No such dangers await you with the Provari. This features a 16-second cut-off, limited amperage (3.5 maximum), temperature, short-circuit, reverse battery, and overcharge protection.

The ProVape 1

The design for a ProVape 1 reminds me of a curling iron without the handle. It has the right dimensions in miniature but does something totally different. Like the Provari, it provides up to 10 hours of battery charge. The kit costs just $129.95 and comes with two 14500 3.7volt batteries. You also receive five 510 cartridges and a tip, a charger, and another excellent vaping experience.

What Are People Saying?

ProVape has been featured on CNN, ABC, BBC, NBC, Sky News, and in journals or periodicals like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and the New York Times. It is getting a lot of press because of its quality of performance and make. Moreover, it really is news that an American-made electronic vaping device has entered the market to compete with Chinese-made Joyetech, etc.

Can it compete? A lot of consumers prefer their Provari to anything. They consider it worth the money. That said, it will reach a specific audience of vapers with the foresight to realize their vaping equipment could be better and cheaper overall if they spend more today. Buying high quality the first time ends the regular search for replacements and satisfying vapor.