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Rocky Mountain Vapor’s website is nothing flashy or extensive. They carry tons of stock, but you do not get that feeling when you first light on their site. They have everything so well organized it is impossible to feel overwhelmed.

Their product catalogue covers Joyetech, Kanger, Smoktech, and a few other well-known brands. You could call theirs a well-balanced company where vapers can get kitted out with vapor and electronics.

Finding Joyetech at Last

A few times in recent memory, Joyetech has been listed by online retailers but a search for products has yielded nothing, as though the category was waiting for stock. It’s not common, but frustrating when it happens. This time, when I looked up the eCab, eRoll, and eVic and found them waiting for my order, I felt relieved that Rocky Mountain Vapor didn’t let me down.

Rocky Mountain Vapor Kits and Beyond

Rocky Mountain Vapor creates Mini Custom Kits like the Nova Mini and the T3S Mini. Buy Vision tanks, a Smoktech 510 DCT, an Aerotank, or the EVOD BCT. Usually, items are in stock thanks to mass production (these are widely available Chinese products), enabling the people at Rocky Mountain Vapor to buy wholesale loads, maintain affordable prices, and satisfy continual demand.

Along with electronic devices, Rocky Mountain Vapor makes sure you are set up with the parts to keep a unit going like atomizers. Their focus is affordability for all consumers.

Rocky Mountain Vapor Juice

This Rocky Mountain Vapor review is more about juice than hardware. As the name suggests, this is what they are known for, and when you read customer comments it is the primary topic.

Rocky Mountain Vapor is not responsible for the quality of JoyeTech, Smoktech, Kanger, and Vision. All they have power over is shipping policies and stock levels.

When it comes to e-juice, however, they are in charge of quality. Look up flavor reviews on forums and YouTube or go to their website to read what customers have posted. If you wish the website were a little more sophisticated, take heart. The cost of new website design is better spent on bringing high quality liquid to customers at affordable prices.

Categorizing E-Liquid Simply

Vapor juice by Rocky Mountain Vapor is separated by bottle sizes and nicotine strengths. Anything over 36mg falls under its own heading. Bottles are available in 50ml bottles, 30mls, and 10ml bottles, which I have to say is fabulous.

Having to buy 15 or 30mls at a time seems manipulative and wasteful when you could end up with a dud flavor that goes down the drain or into someone else’s tank (someone with very different tastes than yours). Add the fact that shipping is free for orders over $14 and you probably will not have to add shipping into the pricing equation at all.

Who can’t spend $14 in a single order? That’s just a few juices or a couple of tanks, essentially. Some customers own multiple tanks to vape different styles of juice without being concerned about flavor contamination.

Rocky Mountain Vapor juices are dominated by vegetable glycerin (70%) but contain 30% propylene glycol. A little bit of the latter provides a good back-of-the-throat hit, but vegetable glycerin makes the juice thicker and produces greater volumes of vapor. Make sure your tank can cope with this ratio before ordering Rocky Mountain Vapor juice.

Varieties of Vapor

Listings cover a lot of internet space, but here are just a few items on the Rocky Mountain Vapor juice menu. Their version of 555 is known as State Express. Puff away at Camel-style e-liquid. Try a Havana Cigar type of juice. The Hilton is spicy tobacco while Yunyan is a lighter tobacco.

At first I thought it was all going to be tobacco vapor liquid and was disappointed, but looking further I discovered the rest. Among them are the usual sorts of candies and fruits like cotton candy, blackberry, Dr. Pepper, kiwi, and mint. There are few surprises.

Bottles of e-liquid are literally listed, not presented with pictures above them to entice readers with the idea of a flavor. All you get is a name which takes up very little space and requires next to no sorting. You don’t need categories like drinks, desserts, and fruits: just read the list.

Juice Reviews

Mostly there is lots of good stuff being said about Rocky Mountain Vapor whenever anyone has anything to say at all. I don’t think they are brand new, but there is so little chatter about them online that you might think they were. One comment that surprised me is how close their menthol is to analog menthol cigarettes.

Most of the time, vapers experience something that reminds them of toothpaste or a restaurant mint. It’s pleasant but not legitimate menthol. Menthol smokers should be aware that their e-cig trade-off lives at Rocky Mountain Vapor.

Find Rocky Mountain Vapor

Your search for Rocky Mountain Vapor leads to Breckenridge, Colorado, but should also take you to Facebook and other social media. They are spoken of on Ecig forums too. Get in touch with the company via their website or Facebook. These are locations where the most information will be available.