Smoke 51

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About the Company:

The Smoke 51 website and products contain so many outdated elements that I wondered if I had gone back in time. Though stylish with the flowing script of their font, it is the sort of class associated with the first half of the 20th Century. Worse still for e-cig customers is that prices are out of touch and they use both two and three-part e-cigs. There are not too many three-part cigs left anymore.

Smoke51.comGouging Consumers

When the e-cig industry got started, it was typical for a company to overcharge by a huge margin. They could do that because competition was scarce. As this Smoke 51 review reveals, owners of the company have not been paying attention or are unsure of how to change their strategy. If they don’t do it soon, Smoke 51 could go up in smoke.

For instance, a Trio Mini Kit (Trio referring to a three part battery-atomizer-filter e-cig) costs $69.95. Do you receive a case or two batteries? No: all you get is the reusable atomizer, three filters, and one battery plus a USB charger. The Express Starter Kit, as a Duo (two-part) or Trio ($10 more) costs $89.95. It comes with a case in one of 9 colors, one Duo 2.0 battery, two cartomizers, and a USB charger.

Their Trio Peggable is just a kit in a box with a hole punched at the top for hanging on a peg. The box resembles my daughter’s box of UNO cards: not classy at all. For $79.95, you receive 15 filters, one battery, an atomizer, wall adaptor, and a power cable.

There are other starter kits, all of them offensively expensive for no good reason. Most of them only have one battery inside.


They are usually sent out with your choice of menthol or tobacco filters, but there is a bit of choice available. Cartomizers and filters are also sold in flavors like apple, cherry, chocolate, and vanilla. They are available in 24mg, 18, 14, 11, 6, and 0mg of nicotine: a great variety of strengths actually, which is probably the best feature of product selection.

Unfortunately, you will pay $14.95 or $15.95 for five of them depending on the variety. Trio filters (without atomizers) cost just $9.95.


As for that atomizer, you pay $19.95 for one, for a USB charger or cable, car adaptor, AC adaptor, or car cable. That’s not good. Before you read the price for batteries, maybe find a seat. They cost $49.95 or $59.95 each.