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Smokers are not very popular with non-smokers, especially non-smokers who can really smell the lingering chemicals on a person’s clothing. Cigarette smoke clings to hair and skin, and a smoker’s breath isn’t nice at all after he has had a smoke. Nope: there’s no winning as a smoker, not even if you are skinnier than everyone else. It could be time to change your image.

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This is where Smokeless Image can be of assistance with their line of vaping products. These include mini cigs resembling analog cigarettes and advanced personal vaporizers like the iTaste MVP 2.0.

The Smokeless Image electronic cigarette is known as a Volt, so when you see that name, remember it is a Smokeless Image product.

Starter Kits

There is just one type of beginners’ Volt starter kit: the Zip Kit priced about $25. One fancy feature is the battery disguised as a flip-top lighter.

A Zip Kit is for total beginners with just four filters, one battery, and a charger. Replacement batteries cost $12.95 and new pre-filled cartomizers are priced $8.95 for five. Filters in the kit are available as Country Tobacco or Ice Menthol.

It is pretty likely though, that you will want to upgraded to something more advanced, with a more powerful battery, which produces more vapor than that of the Zip Kit.  Although ratings suggest that the battery is better than many similar products, and consumers place this brand in the top 5 of electronic cigarettes, there has to be more to life than an analog style cig.

Even if you buy blank cartridges and refill them with e-liquid, those extended flavor choices will likely be inadequate to impress you or make up for limited power after a while.

That’s no problem since Smokeless Image has also produced the MVP 2.0 VV/VW beast. A starter kit for this one costs $69.95, which comes with a 2600mAh battery, beauty ring, 30mls of juice, and two Volt iClear 16 tanks. They are available in 6 colors. Batteries are Black Carbon, Blue Carbon, Silver, or Black.

An MVP 2.0 shows how many times you have taken a puff and the power level of your battery. Pass-through capacity on this device is useful too. Battery protection is built in.

Comments on Starter Kits

With only two choices of starter kits, it’s not overwhelming to select one. Either you are a beginner or an advanced vaper and some comments have shown that experienced vapers still buy the Volt cigalike because they want something small to take in public. They choose a rechargeable kit or they opt for disposables costing $6.95 ($5.95 each when you buy 5). Disposable e-cigars with 1,800 puffs cost $16.95.

I think a lot of consumers who would prefer having more selection instead of having to compile the pieces they want from the selection of accessories they see on the site.

Also, if the Volt MVP 2.0 sounds familiar, Innokin makes a similar device. Smokeless Image, however, charges a competitive price with the juice thrown in.

Flavors of E-Liquid

As noted above, there are cartomizer replacements from Volt as well as blank re-fill tanks for basic e-cigs. Since they sell an advanced kit and also spinner batteries, tanks feature on the site: Aspire Volt Dual Bottom Coil Clearomizers. You can’t fill those from pre-filled cartomizers.

Volt Classic and NicQuid e-liquids supply a decent range of flavors: nothing crazy like Vapor Zone or Volcano, but it’s enough to get you started. Try 555, Cappuccino, Menthol Burst, or Watermelon. Satisfy your craving for a treat with Vanilla or Chocolate. Further tobacco styles include Desert Joe and RY4.

You are not looking at gourmet flavors or an exciting range of tastes. If you want those, then it is best to go in search of more e-liquids separately. At first, these are what you get though, so it’s worth getting to know them. The prices charged on the Smokeless Image site are pretty good.

Pricing at Smokeless Image

Overall, it seems Smokeless Image wants your business enough to maintain low prices, yet their devices perform well. Reviewers say that even the little e-cig gives them warm vapor, lots of it, perhaps because Volt batteries pack a lot of quality into small cylinders.

Also, the flavors aren’t bad. That’s a subjective issue. Yes, there are some e-liquids that are downright nasty, but those brands don’t last. A lot of discussion about juice flavors has to do with your perspective on the tastes and the blends of flavors.


E-liquid or small batteries are probably the first things you will tire of with e-cigs, but later it might be appearances. It would be a shame to ditch a great battery because it failed to impress you now that Vapor Couture has crystal tipped LEDs and many brands come in various colors or patterns. That LED might grow old for you instead, especially if you would rather vape incognito.

Either customer has options at Smokeless Image. One is the choice to cover the LED with a stealth cap costing $0.24. Go completely the other way and add a Diamond cap for more glitter from your light.

For additional flair, choose a battery wrap in one of numerous styles. They come off easily so you can change the style to match your mood or your clothing on a daily basis. Certainly, that was not something you had the luxury of doing with those smelly, unpopular cigarettes you used to smoke.