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Read reviews by customers of Vape Dojo and you’ll find that almost all of them are positive. A few negative experiences have to be noted for balance, which is a natural thing since no company is perfect. Here is an overview of the store, products they sell, and the juice that gave them their start.

Positive and Negative Impressions

In most instances, the improvement they could make to this Maryland chain of vape stores has to do with the way they organize their vaping station. Apparently, this is a messy and disorganized affair, but every other element of the shop (online and in person) gets thumbs-up from 90% of consumers. Patrons laud customer service, flavors, quality, and knowledge.

Vape Dojo Store LocatorVape Dojo Locations

This e juice company has branched out since the early days in Ellicott. They maintain this location with more Maryland stores in Harrisonburg, Hampstead, Parkville, Middle River, and Bel Air.

Their Middle River lab is also where Vape Dojo e juice is made using USP, kosher bases and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. It’s not often a store broadcasts these facts which makes you wonder where ingredients for other labels come from and what conditions their juices are made under. Congratulations to Vape Dojo for doing things the right way without producing crummy e juice and for advertising their compliance with strict safety codes.

How to Shop at Vape Dojo Online

The website for this e juice company is separated into categories. Search for products by the manufacturer’s name if you know it. These include Aspire, Smoke, Horizon, Charlie Noble, Efest, and many others. Select a product based on the type of item you want: juice, mechanical mods, regulated devices, clearomizers, and accessories.

Select Products Based on PG/VG

Although there is no sub-heading pertaining to ratios of e juice bases, Vape Dojo makes each one clear on the label for each item. That goes for their regular juices, a new selection of dripping liquids, or Charlie Noble e liquids made by the same company. Juice reviews offsite indicate that favored flavors include Black Menthol, Kola Float, Zen Juice, Strawberry, and Blueberry Vanilla Tobacco.

Vape Dojo Classic collectionNew Dojo Classic Collection, Made in the USA

This is the newest variety of juices, all 40/60 for vaping at high temperatures. Each 20-ml bottle costs $5.99. Flavors include Caramel Banana, Cinnamon Toast, and Key Lime. Order your bottle with up to 18 mg of nicotine or go for zero nicotine and hone in on flavor.

Original Vape Dojo

For $4.99, you receive a 15-ml bottle with as much as 24 mg of nicotine. A variety of ratios are represented. Dragon Fruit, Frosted Kiwi (kiwi with menthol), Judo Mint, and Mango are 50/50 flavors; perfectly balanced for low-powered devices.

Menthol Tobacco contains 70% PG, 30% VG, excellent if your e cigarette is a 510, mini cig, or low-powered eGo paired with a cheap clearomizer. Try Cinnamon Red Hot e liquid, Peaches n’ Cream, or Black Cherry Tobacco for a 60/40 blend.

Each of these and all other original Vape Dojo bottles are labeled with Oriental-style fonts and images, as though produced by calligraphists from ancient Japan.

Charlie Noble

There are two lines here: the regular Charlie Noble (regular, but not ordinary), and Admiral’s Reserve. The latter contains a high level of vegetable glycerin determined by nicotine volume rather than flavor. That ratio is between 71% and 80% (0 to 18 mg) and bottles are priced $6.99 for 15 ml.

Tripoli blends Turkish tobacco with fig, almond, and spice. There’s Custard, Commodore Pearry, Admiral’s Reserve Good Cookie, and AR Pistachio RY4. Charlie Noble juices have received excellent reports.

Vape Dojo maintains a nautical flavor in the names of their flavors and designs of labels, each one unique to the style. Choose these flavors when you are vaping with a VW system and tanks like the Nautilus, Atlantis, VCT by Smok, or an atomizer with rebuildable coils.

Vape Dojo kitsStarter Kits at Vape Dojo

A few customers commented that they obtained their first starter kits from Vape Dojo and were treated to detailed instructions so they would understand their equipment. Vapers appreciate such attention to detail which indicates they are no less respected for being newbies than experienced customers. There isn’t any snobbery going on here. Kits sold right now are the Ego One 1100 mAh by JoyeTech for $59.99 and a Kanger EMOW ($44.99 or $54.99).

Tanks and Clearomizers

Clearomizers include sub-ohm tanks such as the Horizon Arctic, Joye Delta II, and Kanger Sub-tank Plus. These will suit the following adjustable mods nicely. Egos are mentioned on the list but only defined; not sold. That’s okay: Vape Dojo doesn’t sell suitable tanks for Ego batteries anyway.

Adjustable Mods

For high-watt power, try the DNA 40W 18650: an expensive mod at $225 but available in numerous colors. An iStick 50W from China for $59.99 might offer better value while the iPV Mini II 70W is only $10 more expensive. Their exceptional quality and ease of use make them hot sellers.

High End Drip Tips

Generally, Vape Dojo maintains excellent pricing. They compete strongly against other online vendors and in-store prices are the same, apparently, as internet ones. While this is true, the products they choose to carry are not the cheap sorts.

Let other people sell $2 rubber drip tips: Vape Dojo prefers designer tips by Cherry Vape and JMK like the Pico, Steam Chugger, and Ming. The lowest price for a drip tip at Vape Dojo is $10, but a $20+ tip could also be in your future.

Mechanical Mods, RDAs, and RBAs

Vape Dojo’s team also prefers high-end, authentic mods and RBAs/RDAs over clones. To ease financial pressure a little, a few less expensive models are offered. But still, everything is authentic.

That includes a Veritas iHybrid RBA for $120, Aga T3 RBA by Youde for $39.99, 4Nine mechanical mod ($159.99), and Pure Mod by iHybrid (between $104.99 and $114.99). Other Youde and Smok products cost between $25 and $35 while there are mods worth more than $200. Vape Dojo’s owners have expensive tastes.