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Your family have longed for you to quit smoking and you have finally decided to do it, but not with patches. Gum isn’t for you and not hypnosis either. Someone mentioned shots to help you quit, but that sounded painful. Your plan is to take up vaping with electronic cigarettes.

You heard about a company called Vapor4Life from Illinois and wondered if they were worth trying out. Here is a Vapor4Life review that will separate some of the pros and cons. There is plenty to think about when you buy your first starter kit after all.

Vapor Titan Ultimate Starter KitStarter Kits from Vapor4Life: For Beginners

The first thing you will see in your search for products is the price. Anything under $30 comes with just 2 to 4 filters, one battery, and a USB charger. The one exception is Bull Smoke with 2 batteries, an adaptor and charger, and 10 cartridges, but they are an anomaly in this field.

Vapor4Life appears concerned about including everyone who might possibly want to buy a starter package. They have just about every personality and vaping comfort level covered. A King or Titan will send you in the right direction with devices that look like the real thing, weigh about the same, and are the right dimensions. Clients can customize their kits extensively.

The Vapor King Ash Cap Kit costs $69.50. Each package contains 2 chargers, a case, two batteries, and a pass-through battery.

A default setting for the Titan Slim kit starts with the soft-touch Diamond Series black, automatic battery. If you wish, change that to a manual and select a different battery color from 12 on offer.

Along with a white Slim charger, you get a Vapor King black carry case: change that to something more flashy if black seems kind of dull. Two packages of cartomizers are also included.

Select a different flavor and nicotine level from the ones in default mode. They go up to 3.6% nicotine, come in menthol, tobacco, fruit, or coffee, or you can switch to a sample pack. Reviews say there are some good choices here and some duds, which is normal. No flavor of e-liquid is quite like a fruit, tobacco, or a drink of pop.

One great thing about the King and the Titan e-cigs from Vapor4Life is that if you started with a King, for example, and choose to switch to the Titan, their parts are interchangeable. Cartomizers from one fit onto a battery from the other. They can use the same charging devices too.

Titans feel better on the outside and come with an automatic battery saver installed. Users doubt this makes the experience better, though, arguing that battery protection limits power. What it comes down to for the new vaper is whether they want a soft outer coating or a hard one; great vapor production or a longer-lasting battery.

Vapor4Life Starter Kits at the Next Level

Next, you can choose a Dial-a-Volt or a Zeus plus the mod called a Handle. The Handle is like a Gripper, that variable voltage device sometimes seen on e-tail sites which provides loads of battery power. The Handle gives you 2800mAh and holds a charge up to 15 hours according to claims on the site. Change voltage with buttons on this battery-protected device available in multiple colors. It costs $69.95.

The Dial-a-Volt kit for $54.95 is similar in that customers change the voltage, but by rotating a switch on the velvet-touch battery. The Dial-a-Volt basic kit comes with a battery charger only, so like owners of the Gripper, customers will have to add a tank.

With this in mind, move along to Smileomizers, blanks, and tanks from the same provider. There are several styles with capacity up to 6ml.

More than 100 Flavors of e-Liquid at Vapor4Life

You can certainly say this for Vapor4Life: they carry a lot of flavors. On the extensive list, viewers will notice stars which indicate best sellers. There are a lot of best sellers, maybe too many. If stars are supposed to help, the effort might have backfired, showing up the major sellers in contrast to niche flavors or perhaps unpopular ones.

Under tobacco, you will find Virginia among others, designed to emulate the popular cigarette flavor. Menthol styles include Wintergreen. Select a Melon from the fruit section or Rum and Cola from drinks.

Chocolate Cinnamon rearranges the usual combinations (chocolate is frequently seen with peanut butter or mint, while cinnamon gets paired with apple). Espresso might be the jolt you are looking for first thing in the morning.

Commenting on the Store

The Lincoln Square shop in Chicago is doing a brisk business. The Vapor4Life website introduces both the manager and assistant manager from their WOW Vapor Shop. When you walk in, it will be apparent if you are dealing with management or a store clerk from their pictures. Ratings are high: customers like the Vapor4Life store, giving it the chance to connect with customers in person and over the internet.

It is advantageous that Vapor4Life runs a real store because the website could be a touch confusing for new vapers. They sell too many things and do not properly explain everything.

When you visit the website to buy a starter kit, you will notice three tabs: description, reviews, and a selection of possible accessories to go with your purchase. Click on “description” and the missing details come up. Don’t assume that a description will come up automatically.

Does a first-time vaper need so much choice?

Vapor4Life should receive kudos for trying to satisfy everyone, but if they want to give their clients additional options, they could look at the way other firms have added customization options. With these they would only provide links to one starter kit for each of their devices. From there, customers would add chargers, flavors of e-liquid, change colors for batteries, etc., and select additional pieces.

Review of Pricing at Vapor4Life

Pricing isn’t terrible here, but you could probably browse and see some lower tags at the checkout. Also, it’s your choice to pick a basic kit or a really expensive one with extra pieces.