Best Electronic Cigarettes For Beginners

A beginner to e-cigarettes has a number of options. Matter of fact, the amount of electronic cigarette options may be a bit overwhelming.

The very cheapest and fastest way to get your hands on one ASAP would be to head to a local gas station and see what they have for disposable electronic cigarettes. Some stores may even carry a rechargeable kit.

Some of the disposables you’ll most likely see on numerous stores are Blu Cigs, Logic, NJOY, Fin and a couple other brands. These will give you an idea, and of these ones we’d recommend an NJOY disposable.


We recommend you do this even if you plan to hit your local store now, as these brands are the best out there, so you get the full experience.

The best way for a beginner to get started with everything they need would be to get an e-cig starter kit, and we would recommend one from one of our recommendations for the best electronic cigarettes on the market.

For a very basic kit that has two batteries (so there is no down time), we’d recommend the V2 Cigs Standard Kit which will cost you just under $60. This will have all you need, and enough to last you for a couple days to a week, depending how much you vape (what we call e-smoking).

If you just want the best, get the V2 Ultimate kit (pictured here). With the Standard Kit you just won’t get as many flavors, cartridges and accessories, and both are killer kits!

V2 Ultimate Starter Kit

Either will have the components you need to continue, and the only other thing you’d need to continue is more cartomizers, and then  you’re good. After you decide this is for you, you can even buy e-liquid from V2 to save some extra cash (a lot of cash compared to smoking regular cigarettes).

Bull Smoke City Slicker KitCheapest

If you want the cheapest electronic cigarette kit, check out Bull Smoke.

Pictured here is their City Slicker Kit.

They have kits for under $30 which come with 10 cartridges, and 2 batteries, along with a charger. You Can’t Beat This Price!

You also will be able to get a variety pack of cartridges, which we recommend, to try different flavors.

Where To Buy Our Recommendations