PG vs VG

E-Liquid is comprised of at least three ingredients: water, flavoring plus either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, perhaps both. Many e cigarette users buy juice containing nicotine, while a number of e-liquid manufacturers add alcohol, sweetener, and other ingredients. Customers are becoming wary, however, and expect e-liquid to be filled with nothing more than those four or five ingredients.

But there is also debate about the safety of propylene glycol, or PG. Consumers believe this is harmful stuff because of its other uses. There are rumors that you will find propylene glycol in anti-freeze, and it is among ingredients used to make synthetic food replacements.

It is good to look this up, as it is deemed by the FDA as generally recognized as safe.

Vegetable Glycerin, or VG, is a natural substance derived from plants. Unfortunately, few e-liquid companies produce 100% VG e-liquid, and some pundits argue it cannot be done. This thick liquid is insufficient on its own in a vaping pen when the objective is to create an authentic experience much like smoking cigarettes.

This is because PG, though thin and tasteless, is necessary for creating throat hit. This is what ex-smokers crave: the feeling of smoking when vapor gets to the back of the throat. Some people experience some kind of reaction or intolerance when they vape on propylene glycol, while others are suspicious and uncertain that PG is safe.

At the same time, many use it and enjoy it, but I want you to have all the facts and claims that are going around. Time will tell, as scientific testing continues.

Vegetable glycerin is thicker than PG. For this reason, VG-dominant liquids produce thicker clouds of vapor than liquids with more PG. They are often sweeter too, so not desirable to everyone.

Companies creating juices blended to order frequently allow customers to modify the ratio of PG and VG in a blend. The recommended mix is 50/50. You will see 70/30 both ways. 100% PG is possible, but 100% VG could clog your vaping device. Some e-cigs have been made for use with this liquid. They do not clog up. Also, wickless tanks are ideal for thicker juices while wicks don’t last as long when vaping VG-dominant juice.