Electronic Cigarette Prices

Many people are always looking for the best price on electronic cigarettes.

This can be a confusing quest, because there are many different components to e-cigarettes and they all have different prices.

Bull Smoke City Slicker KitIf you are on a quest to find the cheapest way into e-cigarette smoking in terms of a starter kit, check out Bull Smoke.

This brand has kits priced at $29.99, which is by far the lowest entry point into the starter kit market.  You won’t sacfrifice an ounce of quality by buying Bull Smoke, either.

Their batteries are comparable to a V2 Cigs battery and they offer enough flavors that there is something for everyone.

They were the originators of the 2.4% nicotine strength cartomizers, and although many brands have followed suit, they have a good market share on offering the strongest available nicotine strengths.

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Visit: http://bullsmoke.com

As far as cartridges after you buy a starter kit, this is really where you’ll spend the majority of your money once you do start smoking e-cigs.  Cartridges are replaced as often as you finish them, but most last about as long as 40 cigarettes by most accounts.  Mileage will vary depending on brand and smoking style of course.

Prices for e-cig cartridges are often cheapest for brands like V2 Cigs and South Beach Smoke.  These leading brands have very fair priced cartridges, with Bull Smoke being right in line with them as well.

Green Smoke prices are a bit on the high side, but you can’t argue their quality nor the following their brand has garnered since inception.  They are a very high quality brand and we agree “you get what you pay for” when you invest in Green Smoke.

Electronic cigarette prices will vary, but if you want the best prices at all times, you won’t go wrong with Bull Smoke, V2 Cigs, or South Beach Smoke.

A last option is Vapor Zone, which is owned by the IVG (International Vapor Group), and they allow you to use their e-liquids and fill up their tank cigarettes (mods, if you will) and usually this comes out as a cheaper price point.

Where To Buy

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