What Is Vaping?

You see a customer at a table in your coffee shop with something between his lips. He appears to be puffing on it, blowing out smoke, and the end is glowing. Surely this is a cigarette? You go over and ask him to put out his cigarette, pointing to the “no smoking” sign above the door and he says “but I’m not smoking, I’m vaping.” What does that mean exactly?

woman vapingWhat Vaping Looks Like

From an outsider’s point of view, vaping looks very much like smoking.

As described above, the same motions are used: putting a cylinder between your fingers, raising it to your lips, puffing, and blowing out a cloud of smoke.

But it’s not smoke: that cloud is made of vapor. And the glowing part of the pen is not an ember but an LED light.

How are Vaping and Smoking Different?

For one thing, a cigarette consists of special paper within which tobacco leaves and countless chemicals are rolled. When it is set alight, it burns slowly so that a smoker inhales the toxins and nicotine released by combustion.

A vaping pen is electronic. The outer part is made of metal, either stainless steel or aluminum in most cases. The materials being “vaped” in place of tobacco leaves and toxins are liquids: propylene glycol, flavoring, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine, though that is a choice.

This liquid is heated by an atomizer which is powered by a battery. Heat causes the liquid to become vapor. When the person puffs on his cigarette, he is drawing vapor through the tiny hole (or holes) at the end.

Changing Appearances

Many vapers are not using small devices which resemble cigarettes because they do not last very long. The batteries and cartridges of liquid (known as e-liquid) run out after 2 or 3 hours before requiring a recharge. As a result, you might notice individuals vaping e-liquid on bigger pens. They are wider, longer, and heavier, and do not usually sit between two fingers.

The user holds it like a long whistle, putting a mouthpiece between her lips and pressing a button to activate heating. This way, when she puffs, the liquid is ready to become vapor. Puffing is no longer the activator.

The Taste of Vaping

Smokers will tell you that their taste buds are no longer as sensitive as they used to be. Food has lost some of its appeal. What they taste from a cigarette mostly is tobacco blended with smoke, tar, and chemicals.

Vaping opens a new world of flavors without removing the habits associated with smoking; the hand-to-mouth movement, puffing, or even a nicotine dependency. Vaping liquids chosen for starter kits and disposable e-cigarettes used by beginners typically contain flavoring to simulate cigarettes: Camels, Marlboros, Lucky 7s, and Menthols, etc. Many unusual blends of tobacco are available plus menthol versions.

What’s most fun about e-liquid flavors is the way they simulate all kinds of enjoyable foods and drinks. Your favorite coffee could become a vape flavor. Dessert flavors and fruits are commonly favored by vapers who have tried lots of tobacco styles and want a change. Customers can even vape on pickles and jalapeno peppers.

Where to Buy Vaping Equipment

You talked to the guy at the table with the vaping pen and decided you’d like to try replacing cigarettes with e-cigs too. Where do you get one? Gas stations, convenience stores, and pharmacies often carry disposables or kits containing a battery, USB charger, and a couple of cartridges. Greater selection is available if you either visit an online store or stop by a local vape shop.

Many brands have become available in a short time, but you just need a few essential pieces: a battery, a few e-liquid cartridges, and a USB charger. With those, you can discover the difference between vaping and smoking.