EverSmoke vs. Green Smoke

When people think about the top e-cigarettes, you often hear about Green Smoke.  But don’t sleep on EverSmoke, made by the International Vapor Group, it’s sister brand is the uber popular South Beach Smoke.

We decided to compare these two brands because they both have the same branding, more or less.  Using green overtones and appealing to both sexes, using the same KR808 battery type and classy branding, they felt like a natural couple to size up and compare.

Green Smoke vs EverSmokeWhen you take a quick look at these two brands, you’ll notice these differences:

  • Green Smoke has much higher priced cartridges.

Green Smoke sells 5 cartridges for $16.97 – that’s for their Flavor Max technology, the best one they offer.  That’s $3.39 per cartridge.

In comparison, EverSmoke sells cartridges for a more affordable price.

Look below at the potential savings:

  • 15 Packs sell for $39.99 —–>  which is equivalent to $2.66 per cartridge
  • 30 Packs sell for $69.99 ——>  which is equivalent to $2.33 per cartridge
  • 45 Packs sell for $99.99 ——->  which is equivalent to $2.22 per cartridge

So, as far as cartridges, which is where you’ll be spending your money, EverSmoke wins hands down.

  • Ever Smoke also offers a savings on batteries:  Just $49.99 for 3 batteries.

In comparison, Green Smoke sells their e-cig batteries for $49.97.  So these are virtually the same, but let’s dive into the battery function and power.

Some will argue points for each battery.  Our sentiment is that the EverSmoke batteries may not look and feel as much like the “real thing” but they deliver an easier drag and have a bit more of a throat hit.  Our only knock on Green Smoke is it seems you have to put more effort into drawing from the battery to get the same amount of vapor, but once you DO achieve that draw, most people will agree that the cloud of smoke that bellows out is better than EverSmoke.

  • Lastly, EverSmoke offers a great PCC (portable charging case) for $49.99.  

It looks and feels like a more durable pack of cigarettes, and it’s the best way to charge your batteries while on the go.

Green Smoke, in comparison, does not offer this.

When it comes down to deciding on a brand to purchase, the consensus here is that EverSmoke will appear to be a better value.  However, it’s hard to argue with the 3.5 MILLION users of Green Smoke’s brand.

Most of this comes down to personal preference.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with Green Smoke, they do command a higher price point and with that, we choose to recommend EverSmoke over them.

You can purchase from each brand direct online: