Halo G6 vs V2

The Halo G6 e-cigarette versus the V2 electronic cigarette is quickly becoming a flagship comparison for the title of the best smokeless cig of 2013.

Both of these are two of the best e cig brands out there without doubt.

They are both at the top of their game with style and sexy for aesthetics, and both have top notch flavors, and a nice selection.

Halo vs V2

Here is where we feel V2 wins this battle:

  • Wider variety of accessories and apres-smoking gear.
  • More ability to customize your entire order.  It’s like building a Dell computer when you use their website.


V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - So Satisfying Won't Believe It's Not Smoke!


Here is where we feel an argument for Halo Cigs can be made:

  • More exotic liquids and the ability to use their awesome liquid bottles to really create that “do it yourself” experience.
  • Batteries seem to charge faster.
  • Halo offers the Triton Tank System.  V2 is not in the tank business…..YET.

What it really boils down to here is do you want a more mainstream product with a classy appeal to the masses?  IF so, choose V2, available at http://v2cigs.com

If you want something edgy, with an in-your-face marketing approach and the super high powered tank systems, choose Halo Cigs and don’t think twice, available at http://halocigs.com