V2 Cigs vs. Green Smoke | Electronic Cigarette Comparisons

This page was set up to help people who are comparing V2 Cigs versus the Green Smoke brand.  Many people, ourselves included, rate these brands as among the best e-cigarettes money can buy.

V2 Cigs vs Green Smoke
If you aren’t looking for a comparison, you can skip to the individual reviews here:

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After spending a combined 12 years in this industry between the three of us, we have a wealth of information to share with you and feel we can provide an accurate analysis of how these two e-cig giants stack up against one another.

Here’s a breakdown of each brand and how they compare, based on three very critical characteristics:


Let’s face it, if all else is the same, the price will be the deciding factor for anyone looking to get started smoking e-cigs.  With the amount of money we all spend on smoking (either tobacco or vaping), every cent counts.

Green Smoke sells cartridges for $19.99  —–>  $16.97. 

V2 Cigs sells cartridges for $9.95.  

Worth noting:  these are both for a five pack of any nicotine level and flavor, so all the variables are equal.  It’s worth noting that Green Smoke will allow a 25% savings if you join a subscription style billing regime where refill cartridges are automatically sent to you.

So, this is a huge reason many people choose V2 Cigs.

Read our individual reviews of each brand to see a more comprehensive breakdown of the various starter kits offered, but to keep this simple, know that both brands offer a wide variety of starter kits ranging from very simple to very complex, and they are priced similarly.


This is a personal preference and there is no right or wrong answer.  It’s like saying you like Coke or Pepsi, Camel’s or Marlboro’s.  For our money, the menthol offered by Green Smoke is the biggest game-changer if you like a spearmint, fresh, almost-like-you-popped-a-breathmint type of thing.  It’s very powerful and if that’s your type of thing, you won’t regret buying Green Smoke for that reason.

When you look at tobacco flavors, the V2 Red flavor really stands out to us.  V2 also wins in the exotic flavor category, so if you like flavors like Mint Tea, you’ll probably want to gravitate to V2.

Worth Noting:  Green Smoke has just released a clove flavor, which makes that something V2 does not offer. (Review coming soon.)


Company Reputation

This one was hard.  We’ve had first class experiences with both companies.  However, if you look around and read reviews online, it’s hard not to notice that Green Smoke really is renowned for their customer service and attention to detail.  They may be the winner in this category, but we’ve had great experiences with both companies so I’m afraid our jury is hung at this point.

The bottom line is that you are comparing a Ferarri to a Lamborghini, a Rolex to a Breitling.  If you are looking to dive into e-cigarette smoking, choosing either of these titans will give you an amazing experience.

We personally recommend V2 Cigs.

Official Website: http://v2cigs.com

If you want to check out Green Smoke, who is still one of the best e-cigarettes out there, check them out at their official site: http://greensmoke.com