V2 vs. South Beach

These two e-cig titans are finally compared in a Showdown!

This comparison was NOT easy, as there are many similarities between brands.  We have people who contribute to our site that argue for each brand vehemently, but we all agree that any person trying e-cigs for the first time can not go wrong with either brand, so we’re just going to state the facts and let you all decide which brand is best.

V2 vs South BeachWe do feel V2 Cigs is the best brand overall, due to their huge selection of accessories, their dedication to the industry, and the fact that they are vertically integrated and literally breath (no pun intended) e-cigarettes.

Here are some more facts about V2 Cigs:

  • 10 flavors of e-juice to choose from
  • 6 Kit Choices
  • Batch testing on premises
  • Custom Cartridge flavors
  • Rewards program
  • Ability to customize ANY kit from start to finish, and watch the progress as you checkout.
  • Customer Forum
  • SFATA Member

Super impressive stats, which makes it hard to argue against buying V2 Cigs.

Here are some facts about South Beach Smoke:

  • Made by the International Vapor Group – maker’s of multiple brands of e-cigarettes.
  • Home Delivery Program.  This means you can get your cartomizers automatically shipped to you at your discretion and not have to worry about even ordering!
  • South Beach Smoke has INCREDIBLE customer service.
  • Huge media coverage, so they are doing something right.

Again, if you are new to smoking e-cigs, either brand will impress you beyond your wildest dreams. Comparing these two brands is like comparing LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Here’s their websites: