V2 vs. Vapor Zone

I’ve received some comments asking for me to clarify my recommendations for 2014.

As you can probably tell by now, I’m very fond of two e-cig brands above all others. Those two brands are V2 Cigs (The best overall) and Vapor Zone (great liquids and tanks.)

V2 Cigs vs VaporZone

Today, I’d like to clarify why I like each one and hopefully steer my loyal, and new, readers in the right direction.

First off, let’s talk about why I recommend V2 Cigs as the best brand on the market.

For me, it’s the overall structure of their products. The types, the complexity, the devotion to a futuristic, realistic smoking experience. When you couple innovation with selection, variety, and great prices, you really can’t lose with V2.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they routinely beat any other similar style brand in vapor production and quality of smoking experience!

So, if you like a traditional smoke, with all the options to get exotic flavors and accessories, don’t hesitate to buy V2 Cigs. It’s the brand I use all day, every day.

Buy Direct From The Official Website: http://v2cigs.com

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Vapor Zone, on the other hand, is for those of you who like the big tank style batteries. It’s for those of you who are so into your e-liquids that you like to build and create your own. If this sounds like you, then don’t hesitate to get any Vapor Zone product.

They make many different battery types, and allow you to choose a color of your choice as well. Nobody has a larger selection of battery types and styles in this “eGo style” tank version. Nobody. When you couple this with the ability to mix your own (select up to three styles and flavors and let their technicians blend them together) e-liquid, you have a winning brand.

Also, it’s from the same great company that makes South Beach Smoke and Ever Smoke, two brands up there with the best of them in the traditional two piece style.

Official Website: http://vaporzone.com

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So, hopefully that alleviates some confusion for those of you who have had a hard time wondering why I recommend two brands. They are both very distinct and unique, and offer great vaping experiences in two very different models.