Vapor Zone vs Green Smoke

Vapor Zone and Green Smoke don’t really have a lot in common. If you wanted to compare them, it would be as a new e-cig vaper looking for a basic vaping pen; a cigalike-style device. If you start there, it is possible to find common ground.


How do the two devices rank? Vapor Zone is quickly gaining reputation for its powerful products. Green Smoke has been around for a bit longer and its e-cigs produce a lot of volume for a small pen.

Green Smoke Kits

The best way to begin is with a starter kit because the device you come down to will be a personal choice. In spite of the similar size and weight of each one, e-cig brands vary slightly in dimensions. The feel of your e-cig will be critical to the way it allows you to transition from smoking to vaping.

Green Smoke Starter Kit

The lowest-priced Green Smoke starter kit costs $29.99 and is called an Essentials Kit. It has one battery, and two cartridges give you a taste of what their e-liquid has to offer. You also receive only one charger: the USB. Green Smoke has also created kits with more pieces, like the Express with a power-cig and wall adapter.

Starters from Vapor Zone

A Vapor Zone Express Kit contains two batteries, one a high-power device and the other standard, like a Green Smoke battery. Both of them are still analog-style cylinders, but an extra-strength battery is slightly longer. Vapor Zone’s kit also contains the wall adapter alongside your USB charger, and the unit costs exactly what a Green Smoke Essentials Kit costs.

Vapor Zone Express Kit


Notice that there is no juice; not a single cartridge from Vapor Zone. Yet, if five Green Smoke cartridges cost almost $16, the value of two at just over $3 each is far below that of a second battery and a wall adapter. Still, Vapor Zone does not offer starter kit variety for new vapers.

Green Smoke cannot boost you to the next level of vaping. Vapor Zone is ready for the customer who wants 350mAh+ power with their Air, Pro, and Pulse, etc. Who wins? The customer does because he gets to choose what is most important.