VaporFi vs Halo

Before Vaporfi came along with 6 types of electronic cigarettes, one of the earliest companies to offer more than one style of e-cig was Halo Cigs. They were not the only ones: Volcano carries a mod as well as an eGo and mini cig, but this article will pit the Halo Triton against Vapor Zone’s advanced vaporizers. Decide for yourself which Vaporfi device offers a suitable comparison and how it sizes up to the Triton.

For my money, there is no comparison – Vaporfi wins in all categories.  I’ve made a comparison chart below.

Halo vs Vaporfi Comparison Points: 

Tank style vaporizers available:

Vaporfi: 5

Halo: 1

Battery Capacity options:

Vaporfi Pro: 650mah/1000mah

Halo Triton: 400mah/650mah

Variable Voltage Battery option?

Vaporfi: Yes

Halo: Yes

Cig-A-Like Starter Kit Price:

Vapor Zone Express $29.99

Halo G6: $44.99

Cartomizer Included in Cig-A-Like Kit?

Vaporfi: No

Halo: Yes

Cig-A-Like starter kit color choices:

Halo: 9

Vaporfi: 1

Nicotine Strength Choices:

Vaporfi: 6  (0mg/6mg/12mg/18mg/24mg/36mg)

Halo:  4            (6mg/12mg/18mg/24mg)

E-Liquid Bottles Sizes Options:

Vaporfi:  10ML, 30ML

Halo:            7ML, 30ML

Price per ML for 30ML Bottle:

Vaporfi: $.49

Halo: $.66

E-liquid sample packs:

Vaporfi: Yes

Halo: Yes

E-Liquid Country of Manufacturing:

Vapor Zone: USA

Halo: USA

E-liquid Custom Blending

Vaporfi: Yes

Halo: No

E-liquid Flavor Choices:

Vaporfi: 30,000+

Halo:  23

Advanced Mod Available:

Vaporfi: Yes

Halo: No

Rewards Loyalty Program?

Vaporfi: Yes

Halo: Yes

It’s very clear to me the reasons to choose Vaporfi over Halo ecigs.  Halo doesn’t have a leg to stand on in this contest, (and to boot, Vaporfi is now trading on the Nasdaq – what you got Halo?) and I’ve had a ton of good feedback from customers I’ve sent to Vaporfi, which I fully expected.  It really is a kick ass brand.

Anyways, I spent a lot of time putting all this on paper below, and reviewing various points, but do yourself a favor, and just keep the review chart fresh in your mind.

Consumers & Editors Pick:  The Vaporfi.

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Triton Electronic Cigarette

The Triton gives users of their analog-style G6 a way to stick with the company they know and which service they appreciate. With this more powerful device, they upgrade their vaping experience. A Triton Starter Kit for $64.99 comes with two batteries, two vape tanks, a cone, and the charging kit you need. A case is also provided.

Halo Triton Tank Starter Kit

Those batteries are customizable: select a color and also power of battery: 400mAh or 650mAh. One provides more power while the other is lighter and smaller. Halo offers 11 color choices, but most of them are vibrant shades. Even if you opt for Titanium, for instance, the power button lights up blue.

There are no screens showing battery power or counting your puffs.

Vaporfi’s Advanced Systems

Three Vaporfi E-Cigs are similar to the Triton: Pulse, Jet, and Pro. Each one uses a 650mAh battery. For $49.99, you could select a black Pro or a colored one. Your Pro kit comes with only one battery and one tank plus the chargers, but it’s cheaper than a Triton by $15.

The Jet is slightly more expensive: $79.99. This comes with three atomizers, two chargers, one battery, and a cartomizer. A small LED screen shows you how your battery is doing and the number of puffs you’ve taken.

Vaporzone Jet Kit

The Pulse for $119.99 can be charged using a USB, wall adapter, or circular charger. Like the Jet, it’s a colorless but sleek piece of machinery. Two 650mAh batteries are also included. A tiny LED screen shows the same details as above. Do you need to know the puff count? Maybe not, but the screen is a nice touch.

VaporZone Pulse Kit


In spite of the fact that both Vapor Zone and Halo Purity e-liquids are well-known and admired across the vaping community, even carried by other companies, neither firm provides any with its starter kits.

Comparing their juices is a bit like comparing guavas to coconuts: they don’t approach e-liquid from their same angle. Halo’s Purity line is heavy with tobacco styles but does not contain fruit flavors. The closest they get is Malibu resembling a tropical drink. There aren’t really that many flavors in the catalogue unless you want an authentic, gourmet tobacco.

Vaporfi focuses on selection: 30,000+ potential flavors including all the possible blends. These include loads of desserts, fruits, and some savory possibilities.